Update schedule


I’ll start.



I hope farming, but not expecting it.


define assets…:thinking:


Im actually expecting farming. I think this is big patch week if they’re sticking to original plan of big patch then small patch wit bug fixes


Probably the Hunter creature…should be a tier 5 or above monster or else most lower level planets will become death zones. I am on a tier 3… we do not need Hunters…

I am hoping for the farming too!!! Trees that you could plant and have randomly “grow” would be an AWESOME quality of life.

Would be cool if they would let you do a FORGE of the materials (think Jurassic Park and DNA) so you could create some Random cool plant or tree species that you could harvest the seeds from and SELL as a Unique items!


I hope not…

well, I do but only if it’s combined with the Farming update :wink:

Why? because the hunter is just slightly changing some things and I really, really, really need a big new thing to be added!

My ideal update next week:

  • hunter
  • farming
  • loads of new blocks
  • T7 and perhaps T8 planets (1 per region)
  • 24 new T5+ planets so every region has 6 of them
  • 5 (?) T4 planets so every region has 2 of them (AUS has none at the moment)
  • beautiful T2 and T3 planets added for each region
  • and heck throw in 1 or 2 T1 planets in each region just for the heck of it

Now that would be an update I would get very excited about!


expecting might be a little strong, but yeah, if they are sticking to the proposed schedule of minor then major updates, it should be something significant this time around!


Yea im expecting it in the sense that they could pull it off in time to add but i wont be mad if we have to wait longer


Mad? No, disappointed? yes…



I agree, we dont want for much though do we!


MOST Importantly…put the new planets NEXT to Biitula! :wink:


LOL, yeah, I know, not gonna happen and will be happy with anything they throw over that fence for us to chew on, but one can dream tho, right?


Gosh darn it. I will go mining then lol


Am sure if they add more T5+ planets that they will fit in between the existing ones, meaning we can overhaul our portal networks and make shorter jumps possible :slight_smile:

At least I gosh darn hope so, hate to see them all added behind Norkyna/Kol Huroo in distance, then we need to make even more portal hops to get to our new fave planets!


We dont need more planets. There are too many as it is.


I hope the creature is limited to six and then seven planets, but that is because I know it will limit me on being able to go to those planets. I can now handle level three alone, sometimes, but four and up are too much for me.
But, I’m not a good player with having to fight critters, too easily distracted, can’t seem to keep track of what is after me if there are more than three.
Son is ready, back to playing LOL


@SePras what are we mining for exactly :thinking::wink:


You can see your plots in Profile -> click your name
There you should see your Total plots and total plots with your perk bonus :slight_smile:


Lol i guess everything


Blink, Rift, Darkmatter!

The new assets are new tools, brews, foods, weapons, etc., etc.!

Oh my! :slight_smile: