Update schedule


yeah the portal costs are prohibitive! I would love a direct portal from Axon (Biitula) to your New Leyden (Gellis) but as a solo player that many shards an hour hurts MUCH.


@AeneaGames @SePras dont get me all hot if devs dont plan to hose me down with new stuff :triumph::joy:


I wonder how they new creature will pan out with new planets?

I mean, they totally could just work the Hunter into whatever spawn cycle on current planets…but I wonder if the release will come with the T7 planets and be the ‘extra’ thing you have to deal with.

Hmm so much fun speculation :slight_smile:


The client just updated for me, what’s changed? New Testing?


massive content dump to ps4 only :sunglasses:

(just for testing, PC can get it next week :wink:)


Some chat of t7+ –

If and when t7+ planets are added, for the love of all good, please make sure there is geo-redundancy for planet types found in Europe. AWS UK/Europe is still horrid from my region.


If you have a portal in the [PS] Biitula hub, then you can use my shop portal there to quickly and easily get to New Leyden Market. I bring the 3 largest malls together.


Still anxiously awaiting that testing update! Not that I can use it but it will come with patchnotes and I wanna know shakes james back and forth, I WANNA KNOW :joy:


Body armor just saying :bowing_man:t2:‍♂
Vampires maybe the world may never know.


They got time lol. I think i’ve seen testing updates come as late as 11 hours from now.


Hoping to wake up to some nice testing notes :stuck_out_tongue:


none you payed for them :smile: