**UPDATE**! The Great Sherlock Game ! 2 More Lava buckets left to win! iGoofy won first Lava Bucket!

Hello, fellow Oortians!

Hash Village is organizing a minigame for all players with great prizes !!

Here’s video made by @Jiivita Thanks for the vid Jiivit ^^

There are 3 Lava Buckets to grab!
Lots of Tech Devices and Tech Components.

Here are the rules :slight_smile:

The game have 3 different versions:

1. You can find clues (white sign slabs) which will guide you from one to another until the last one with a questions that u have to answer correctly. On your way you will have to take screenshot of every clue, Then u send a PM on forums to me @Hashmalash with all clues screenies and answer for the question.

Prize for this is Lava bucket x1 for the first one who will send me all screenies with correct answer.

2. You can find yellow sign plates with difficult questions. You will have to make a screen of every one of them along with correct answer. First one who will do this correctly will win Lava Bucket x1

3. The last Lava Bucket will be awarded to anyone who will not make it first on any of the first two versions, but he will have to find all of the red or purple sign plates with questions and correct answer as well :slight_smile: or mix of them for a total of 3 correct answers with 3 screens.

While you hunt for any of those plates you will find other color sign plates with questions:
Red sign plate question will neat u 1 Tech Device for each one u find screenshot and answer correctly.
Purple sign plate question will neat u 2 Tech Components per each correct answer and screenshot.

I hope this event will be fun for you all!!!

Event starts now 11:45PM 28.06.2018 (gmt+1)
and last till all prizes will be distributed :slight_smile:

To start the event head to HASH VILLAGE
you can find portals to our village in Ultima Hub Portals, Aquatopia, Moebius Plaza, Woodland Market and many more :slight_smile:
Have fun !!

If anything is not clear ask me ill try to clear things for ya :slight_smile:


On work so couldn’t participate. but sounds like fun. :slight_smile:

Still no one found all clues !!!

Vid by Jiivita added ^^ Thanks a lot for it my friend ! Be sure to subscribe his channel !!! Great stuff done there :slight_smile:


You can still try Bomb so far no one won :slight_smile:

Hello fellow Oortians!!

iGoofy is almost there ! Very close to win first Lava Bucket !!

But the event is still going on ! So try your luck :slight_smile:

And it happened!!! iGoofy won a Lava Bucket !!! He collected all clues and answered final question !!! Congratulations !!!

2 more Lava buckets left to win everyone grab your chance while you can !!

@iGoofy ill contact you where you can pick up your rewards :slight_smile:


Prize handling ceremony !! Screenies :slight_smile:

Congratulations iGoofy !!!


Thanks, I had a really fun time trying to solve all the clues. :smiley:

For anybody who hasn’t been to Hash Village yet or who hasn’t attempted this clue hunt, I seriously recommend joining in on it. The Great Sherlock Game that @Hashmalash is running really gives you a good tour of the area, and you can see a lot of really impressive builds there. You’ll also get to see some really nice views while playing.

In addition, all of his clues, while challenging, are completely fair. His clues for version 2 and 3 that I found have been well hidden, but far from impossible to find. It’s obvious that a lot of time has been spent in just preparing this for everyone to participate in.

For anybody who participates, take in the scenery if you get stumped on any of the clues, questions, or riddles, you might find the solution or an unexpected bonus. Good luck everyone!


Im happy you liked it !! Congratz again :smiley: