[ updated ] Blueprint system, structures replication + possible benefits

Expired beacons (updated)

Expired beacons return to the wild. Where 16 weeks seem long enough, people often forget to refuel their beacons and lose hundreds of hours of progress.

  • Benefit With blueprint system expired beacons could turn into blueprints and remain for players to claim them after a long break.

Building a themed city


  • Building one very detailed building may take up to 10h, or longer for newbies, or they will never make one
  • Benefit With blueprint system we could populate whole settlements with buildings in days instead of months
  • Benefit With blueprint system settlement could be themed, have cool decorations and builders would have something to do later in the game.

City walls


  • Building part of the detailed wall by hand may take around 2h
  • Building whole wall may take around 20h.
  • Benefit With blueprint system we could reduce that time to 3h in total

Blueprints shopping


  • Benefit Players could sell various blueprints others could use. Builders who do not want to grind gems, tools, raw materials could offer selling builings.

Blueprint crafting

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  • Benefit Players wanting to move to another planet can pack their plot into a Blueprint for a small price
  • Benefit Once again, players can craft a copy of existing beacon and then sell their design.

Q: But won’t players leave the game if building will be too easy and you will be able to just buy a blueprint with no effort?

No, Minecraft servers have many plugins like WorldEdit or VoxelSniper which makes builing thousands time easier. Minecraft has all this amazing community, minecraftplanet with thousand of thousands of projects just becaue building i easier.


So if I understand this correctly, to create the “blueprint” it actually consumes all the materials that are needed to create the build, and then placing the “blueprint” places all the blocks automatically? So it is really more of a prefab than a blueprint.


finally a reason for me to have a shop :grin:
awesome idea


I would actually like blueprints as well as prefabs. A blueprint that creates an overlay that tells me where to place my own blocks. The blueprint could be bought once, and used to build any number of copies. Because it’s the design information, not the actual build. Good for people who want to make multiples, or like to collect their own resources, or like building but are bad at design.

The creator of the blueprint would be able to focus on design and not have to consume all their building materials in packing up prefabs.


Blueprints would be great addition.
If there could be several options such as ghost block and automated (time based) building.
These could even work as some sort of player made quests/work orders for builders; find blueprinted ghost block buildings on world and builders could go to complete those for coins or other rewards.


There have been scenarios where I have been asked to recreate my art in another location. This would be amazing. It would be worth it for just the time saved in creating settlement roads that have ornate designs


Both ideas are okay, but I’m looking at building from a different perspective. I love building but after getting a job I just don’t have that much time to spend. Instant buildings would be such a QOL improvement!


Yeah, I really think we need both. With a way to create prefabs from blueprints as well, where the creator of the blueprint can set a fee for each prefab created from the blueprint…


This would be very nice and open to some new opportunity for me.


Look at how Space Engineers does it. It projects a hologram you can see, then you can build it to match.

Automatically copy pasting buildings needs to have some downside. It needs to be less efficient or something.

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It only works for small objects. I think that could work for chairs or tables but not for big structures.

Is there really any reason to limit creativity? Big structures do not anyone who doesn’t own them. Big structures look good overall, add value to the game. And minecraft supports creativity, that’s why it is so popular.

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Is there really any reason to limit creativity?

By that logic, make everything free, and trivial to make.

minecraft supports creativity, that’s why it is so popular.

Minecraft isn’t popular because it has a creative mode, that’s one of a great many ways to play the game. You are falsely associating one thing with another.

I am not opposed to creative mode planets separate from the normal universe, but there’s this confusion about whether the game should be a creative mode game or an MMO style game, and people keep trying to make it something it isn’t. Things need to have value, weight in the game, otherwise it doesn’t feel right. We can debate all day about the level of value, but everything has to have some value or everything feels trivial.


I dont like it rly.
I mean the reason at least im playing this is to see cool builds that people have created themselfs abd ofc building itself
I see a big ass building i immediatly think i wonder how long it took to build it.
This would take uniqueness away where players cannot rly express themselfs how they like.
I know you could still build if you choose so but this is pretty dumb… in my opinion ofc.
Building is part of the fun and you get so much ideas from other players that you can take to your own builds.


I am in favor of being able to create a blueprint to make multiple of the same build. I do want limitations on crafting materials though. Like no creating objects that would take more resources than you can actually carry, that would lead to crazy griefing. I feel that the easiest way to ensure that is you have to be carrying the mats and the blueprint to place them down.

Beaconing it might need to be a separate process, again just because you are saving a lot of time doesn’t mean you should have no hurdles. Calculation of the number of plots needed could be a lot harder to judge if where you plop it down happened to be the top 3 blocks of a plot vs the bottom 3.

Part of the wonder and charm of super detailed cities is you know people made all this by hand, every block. That is what we are poised to loose if a system like this is added. Is it worth loosing that? That answer will be different depending on who you ask.


I would be happy with a blueprint system with our without block placements. Just letting me see the layout of things I’ve designed in like magicavoxel or sketchup etc would be amazing!


im just going to leave this right here…


Having this in boundless would be great


This is one of the top features I want. It creates a way for pure builders to run a shop cuz they now have something to sell.

  • Small decorative elements like my chandeliers (gleam lantern + gleam door), lamp posts, benches, etc.
  • Full houses or portions of houses to match a community theme.
  • Kitted out machines with coils already attached, tucked inside a nice enclosure.
  • Battle forts you can plop down when a meteor starts.

I could go on and on! So many possibilities.

It also lets you separate your build location from your final location. So you can build in privacy and “unveil” the creation.

I agree with Buugi that each one should have to be handcrafted before bundled up and sold. That way we don’t get mass designs that were built once and stamped out a hundred times. We don’t want to reduce the work needed to build things, we just want to make a way to trade designs.

I’ve been calling this approach prefabs. For blueprints I would expect to place down something like in Fortnite where it’s the outline and you have to match and place the right blocks yourself. Those can be replicated because someone still has to build each one. I would prefer prefabs to blueprints for all the reasons I mentioned.


I think it has a place in a stand-alone style game like Minecraft, but I don’t really think I’d want it here in Boundless. Besides the obvious things that trolls could use it for, I feel it would trivialize the effort that the builders put into this game. I think it may also change the way the game feels.

Being able to place instant builds would ruin the fun of watching a build start from nothing and end up a masterpiece. You wouldn’t get to watch and see where a new idea completely changes the build’s direction. Normal development would completely disappear because everyone would use the easier builder methods. Watching the community’s builds develop over time gives me a lot of enjoyment and I would be sad to see it go.


In two minds about this and can understand some of the pros and cons .
I think it would be a great system within your own build, to save time when building walls, towers and other repitive structures but not in favour of going outside your own domain, such as selling blueprints.
People should try and use their imagination not just copy and paste someone else’s work.

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