**UPDATED** The Community Great Hunt

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hey guys feel free to use this if ya need rights to write on it just ask me and ill add you to beacon


I want to hunt with you guys!!


@virresss you have permission to use it now
i seen the date when i log in i can write them down to
@Oggieogham if you want to organize a hunt ill add you as soon as i can log in but i dont know if ya on my friend list
@Jenndragonfly we need your fighting skillz the date are on top off page added by viress
oh and @Jiivita i think they meet on the plaza
as ive seen the otherday


Yeah sorry i was going to reply to but totaly forgot.

Thx for the permission ive fix it now i think :slight_smile:


OMG the bombs crashed my game! :dizzy_face:


Got three level 4 meteors at once!! Craziest yet!


Some of the craziness!

Thank you all for a great hunt and great to see you, @james!



Thanks for the event, I really had a fun time!


What? There are meteorites higher than level 2? I’ve been hunting for ~25 hours now and level 2s are the highest meteorites I’ve seen. Does higher levels don’t spawn when playing solo?


When playing solo, you should only be getting lvl 1s and sometime 2s. In groups, we have seen up to level 6 meteors!!


Ughh I need to find the time to join these group hunts! I can only imagine the amount of loot it contains. :money_mouth_face:


A lot!! I got over 500 gems and oortstones (combined) and only joined about half way through


Looks like a great hunt, congratulations!
Nice to see different level meteors fall.
I hold some hope I can make one when I’m not working.


Yeah! grate work everyone! it was awsome to do the dubble lvl 4 meteors!


Nice shot of my lava-nap there Virresss ^^


btw Virresss, How much do you have invested in + threat and defense? i’ve been looking at my build and there’s hardly any points left over for it ><

do you have the 2x durability along with the 0% death penalty? i could give up the durability and my hammer mastery and free up an good amount of points…

also how effective are the defense skills? Do they make you feel truly Tanky? … or just a few extra moments to guzzle that potion?

anyway, thanks for the amazing hunts ^^


Looks cosy…

Makes a change from seeing @willcrutchley lying on the floor during a battle… :flame:

And yeah - great leadership by @virresss and @SePras - patiently trying to coax the rabble across the landscape.

I’m sure @luke-turbulenz and @olliepurkiss would be interested to hear about how well the tanking works as well.


if you have durability and death penalty maxed out than taking one point off durability should give you like 100 skill points. i put three in hide and the rest in damage defence.
monsters on home worlds and moons don’t even do any damage to me. i could just sit there and let that elopor spitter hit me all day and no damage whatsoever. it makes ring world meteor hunting much easier.


Yeah! its wery costly to make an tank build @Jiivita @james @luke-turbulenz . first to say this is my hunter and its only made for hunting. ive invested all my points in to be a tank to make it easyer to raid for other players.

im not going to give my exact build :stuck_out_tongue: but i will give pointers and why some skills is bad and my prediction acording to the skills coming in later update.

What ive seen so far there is a few vital skills for tanking

  • Vitality
    a must have to increase the health. but questionble if you need max health, skill points vs health
  • Agillity
    a must have for runing out of dmg area and doge missiles. but not need to max
  • Intelligens
    this weel increase the healing from the HP pots so its werry important it increas quite alot, and ease the cost of pots becaus as a tank you will never stop drinking them in som case. but not need to max i would love sining a skill to increase the speed you can drink to, “Drunken master” haha
  • Luck ( a must have to get resources )
    a must to max to increase the drops of gems

Endurance :

  • Impulse Resistance (Missile)
    Extreamly important to max out. then you cut all dmg in half as it 50% (dmg from both cuddletrunk and spitters)

  • Kenectic Resistance (Melee)
    Extreamly important to max out. then you cut all dmg in half as it 50% ( but what ive seen this only affect the dmg from wildstock) so if you are good on doging them you dont need it but it might save you when 2-4 elite wildstock charges you.

  • Impulse Defance (Missile)
    this one is still good for negating dmg. but its not that mutch like the resistant that cut the dmg in half. but i still think this good but only if you are intending to max it out.

  • Kenectic Defence (Melee) compleatly ■■■■ i think. The defance skills works the same a set amonut of dmg that is removed form the dmg. but as we only have wildestock as melee and it does so mutch dmg. the dmg it removes is almost nothing. its way better to not get hit and save the points in to intelligens or more vitality


  • Death penalty reduction
    this one is a no brainer as a tank you will die and die and die haha. it is a fun minigame mecanic to try to beat the ods :slight_smile: love it!!! grate work devs. but there is a problem with it righ now you can just die as many times as you want, so if your not a tank you dont need any protection exept this and not eaven need to drink healing pots.

  • Item durability
    this is impotant to not to loose the slings to fast, but there is no need to max it, for a tank you need to tag the mobs as fast as you can.


  • Atagonise
    Maxed well i think that the only way to go for a tank. if i die its so hard to get back agro. i think this need to change a bitt it seems like i almost only get back the agro when new mobs spawn or when the players that have the aggro dies.


  • For dmg and bows i think you sill need som dmg but only enuth to tag in big groups but if you solo or dual fight a meteor. i youse power shot but i think rapid migt be better suited for tanks to tag faster.

Overall experance being a tank
I think its grate fun to to that tanking and it makes the hunts a real challange. and i like the metoers so mutch becus of it!! and ive had so mutch fun thees last days with all of you hunting. I would love to see more the split between maxbuilds so if you do a dmg build you will need to spend as mutch points in to it as a tank.

Here is one thing i think is a bit strage like lvl 1 meteors is easy but lvl 2 ones are realy tuff. well if you go 2 players at it or solo it its realy hard. but then when you get a lvl 3 with 6 or 7 palyers (not sure) its so easy. and then the lvel 4 is jut a bit harder at 10 players and then the intresing thing is the lvl 5 and 6 is real ramping things up and gets hard :slight_smile: love it
but what is the hardest no mater what is two meteors at the same spot its going to be a real challage and extrealy fun! call me crasy but would love to try out +3 at the same place!! i want to find a point where i want to give up beacus its too hard

I think the hadness of a lvl 2 is a bit strange unless its ment to be a encouragement to find a bigger group.

I got some questions for you devs too.

we are going to get more skills to choose from but are we geting more skillpoints. as i dont see the possibility to do a tank if we have to get envirment and then some rage or focus.

Right now its a fine balance between skills but it seems like ive sacrificed a little bit of every thing to get the tank to work. and its so speciliced that i cant do anything ells in the game. its fine only becaus we can do alts, but i still think some of the Endurance skills dont have enuth of buff so you have to max it out to get some sort of a tank. Endurance there is to many skills so it will realy eat your skill points when you are toing a tank.

I hope its been infometive and helped you guys out there! see you in the next hunt!


@james !
Oh i totaly forgot one of my questions what typ of dmg is the bombs? Impulse ?