**UPDATED** The Community Great Hunt

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Overall experance being a tank
I think its grate fun to to that tanking and it makes the hunts a real challange. and i like the metoers so mutch becus of it!!
and ive had so mutch fun thees last days with all of you hunting. I would love to see more the split between maxbuilds so if you do a dmg build you will need to spend as mutch points in to it as a tank.


did not now defense worked i just have maxed health and regen and maxed hunter skill and max agility(mr flash)
seems to work for me at moment but i have to run fast to safety to drink my potions


Is it definite that luck effects drops from mobs as well as mining? Didn’t notice a difference when i put a few on luck for my hunter, may have to reinvest them if it does…


Thats from today hunt: Three meteors at the same time, two LV5 and one LV4. Sorry if you don’t see that well, i was eager to join the fight


Thanks @virresss for the detailed info ^^ after looking at the skills I concluded that it was ether a highly specialized build or just a few points in some key areas to give you a tanky edge.

Good to know that it is the former… I’m curious since im toying with the idea of organizing something for US players and having a tank makes a big difference… lol I guess I need to lvl a dedicated miner so I can shift points around


Todays hunt super intense!

the bodies were flying everywhere!

hell fire and brimstone!


Where did everyone go? I alt-tabbed for a second and everyone was gone.


In memory of the fallen… they will not be forgotten.

Crawling into their own grave…


wow brutal!

I love this shot.


@james nice of you to keep track of the lazy ones :slight_smile:

oh yeah here is the trap everyone fell in to haha


hey @virresss someone requested some alternate times shown on sign i dont understand maybe you do they wrote it in sign next to yours maybe you can have a look what they need


maybe they meant alternate times as in 19:00 UTC converted to other time zones perhaps?


i don’t see any sign. if you men the US time UTC+?? then its mine asking for some one that want to do it.


aha ok lol thats the one i mean :smile:
i go look for someone who can then


Hah, not meee :joy:


yeah ctrl-64 i add you to rights could you look into it
as you been laughing with our time troubles before lmao
i give you 500coins for the job :smile:
also @Xaldafax can i use third sign to make a copy off the fire cavern hunts then people see that as well wen they check the sign
oh @ctrl-64 your not in my friendlist for some reason so try friend me
anybody want to make 500coins just to write stuff on a sign :smile:


Today Sunday there will be a hunt at 17:00 UTC +00


when is that in US EAST time? LOL sorry so bad at time zones :tired_face:


12 o’clock, noon, I believe.


this year we can think about Boundless Remembrance Day