**UPDATED** The Community Great Hunt

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The EU (UTC+00)


Wednesday 24 Jan 19:00
Friday 26 Jan 19:00
Saturday 27 Jan 17:00 The Grate hunt
Sunday 14 Jan 17:00 The Grate hunt

USA EST( -05)


Tuesday 23 Jan: 20:00
Wednesday 24 Jan: 19:00
Thursday 25 Jan: 21:00


Daily Hunts Today!
The EU (UTC+00)
Wednesday 24 Jan 19:00

USA EST( -05)
Wednesday 24 Jan: 19:00


I think you need to add graters to the game so we can make ‘Grated Cuttletrunk’ as a third possible meal to eat


Cuttletrunk Gratin with Spitter Sauce


add some hopper spice on top


I was going to serve using a Hopper shell as a bowl… :slight_smile:


EU hunt in one hour!


And now Boundless needs a cooking show


15 min to hunt


Grate Hunt to day in 1 hour and 30min


Is there a hunt for today? If so, where would one meet at what time? Thanks! :grinning:


I would also like to know this. wasnt able to find you guys.


is the hint still going on?


sorry guys when the hunts start its hard to keep looking on the forum and discord. my sugestion it write to me on discord.

and try to befriend me or other players that show up on the hunts, so you can warp to them.


The EU UTC+00 (GMT):
Wednesday 31 Jan 19:00
Friday 2 Jan 19:00
Saturday 3 Jan 17:00 The Grate hunt
Sunday 4 Jan 17:00 The Grate hunt

US prime times UTC -5 (EST):
(Simoyd event is also in the Calendar below)
Tuesday 30 Jan: 21:00
Wednesday 31 Jan: 19:00
Thursday 1 Jan: 20:00

Link Hunting Calendar with to your Google Calender: https://goo.gl/5GxNp4
or use the Public links that will show you the same thing without logging in.
(updated, now works again)
PST https://goo.gl/mSynHB
CST https://goo.gl/s91tVa
EST https://goo.gl/HFvAdA
GMT https://goo.gl/79JjUf
CET https://goo.gl/862Djn



Also check us out on the latest post of the boundless twitter :slight_smile:


Oh nice!

Big THX devs :slight_smile: for linking my live stream.


Hunt is on!
join the hunt now we are on Munteen VII
or watch the stream https://www.twitch.tv/questingk


Hunt in one hour