**UPDATED** The Community Great Hunt

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I can’t believe we had 3 meteors at the same time!! Proof for the unbelievers…


is there one today now ish? or is it guild one today?


yep! we are still meeting in Moebius plaza right now, come on down!


Which world are you on? Looking in Munteen but can’t see you


Alturnik char


Damn missed it today, anyone still out?


I walked around Alturnik for about 20 mins but couldn’t find anybody. Hopefully make it tomorrow.


We were in nasharil. Check the debut menu to see the list of names on a planet to see if we’re on there.


We had an great hunt Today!, meteors spaning at the same time and nonstop meteors. thx everyone that joined!

The hunt was hosted by the Portals Seekers Guild.


Hunt in one hour :slight_smile:


Hunt in one hour!


EU community hunt in one hour! come and join everyone!


Hello fellow Hunters Its time for weekend Great Hunt.
GMT (+00)
Friday 19:00
Saturday 17:00
Sunday 17:00

The meeting place:
Hunters Courtyard
Check the map and go to Portal seekers Munteen Gateway

What you need:
You need a hunter Build,
Food to last you the hunt
Gem Grapple
Gem Sling

What are we hunting for?
It’s fun!
Elemental Shards
Volatile Blood


Hunt in one hour


The Great hunt in 1hour and 30 min, meeting place at the Hunters Courtyard.


!hunt in 10 min come to Hunters Courtyard now!


I couldn’t make it to the hunt today, but am curious, did everyone use the new rage and focus skills? Did it help so you could complete twice as many meteors?


Well, i don’t think anyone can use the rage and focus skills yet as you need the brews and they are expansive and hard to make. I think they are too expensive and hard to make. hut we will have to see when I make my first ones :slight_smile:


Hunt in 1 hour and 30 min


Hopefully, in the near future, someone will lead a large hunt in the evening (EST time) on the weekends. I’m one of those unlucky people that work all weekend and sometimes I have late hours. Trying to join you all is…difficult sometimes.