**UPDATED** The Community Great Hunt

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We are happy to see people taking this task on them. We are able to help you and give some tricks and tips aslong it is in the name o f the portal seeker :wink: Join our discord if you would like to do it? OR ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TOO ! :slight_smile:


For people who are asking when t he hunts are, or when they want to be notifield on discord about the hunts!

Please use the huntbot that @Simoyd made! You can go to the Public chanel of the Portal Seekers and type: !hunter
This will make you a hunter, and will be notifield when the hunt is going on. If you want to remove the roll, just type !hunter again and it shall be removed.

Portal Seeker Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/pPE4jNk

This function is also possible in the Aquatopia discord!


Hunt in 2 hours!


Im a long time fps player. Pubg, fortnight, csgo, farcry, overwatch heavily!!! But id like to say to the devs i hung all that up to play your amazingly beautiful game. In saying that im rather certain i am of good aim and a good fit for this search. US East coast here. Would love to join the team.


Hunt today Monday 17:00 UTC +00
Rember its summer time now


Join the team as in the guild? Or join the hunts? xD


Idk is there a strict hunters guild? And must i follow a strict guideline on how to go about doing hunts?


Our guild is founded and currently the main guild for Hunting. But we also maintain one of the newest portal networks. Thats the reason we call ourself the Portal Seekers. We dont have guildrules. But we appriciate it when you help the Guild grow be doing hunts, building projects or maintain the network. We have a website about us :slight_smile: but it is and will always be a Work In Progress thingy xD

We also have people who are part of other groups :slight_smile: so it isnt that you are strictly a Portal Seeker, we have members that are part of Aquatopia, Cuttlepunks and ChiselKnights


Ok on that note i would love to be apart of the portal seekers. I enjoy hunting alot in this game and clear many meteors on my own in my travels with little to no deaths. I was just makin sure i wasnt entering the military again haha!!! Dont constantly need people squawking do this or that. Which tbh i didnt think would happen due to the amazing community and helpful people ive run into thus far.


thats the Portal Seekers recruitment post



The Grate Hunt in one Hour!

  • In future
    Iโ€™m looking for EU players that are very interested in hunting. Iโ€™m forming a pro hunter team. we will try to clear meteors fast and efficient and we will use food, brews, and aguments. to improve the hunt, and we will build too. Im going to set up classes that will help the hunt, that we are going to need and explain it more in detail when we get a full team of 7 players or more.

You want to join ? send me a pm here on the forum or discord.


Hunt is starting in 8 min


EU hunt today Tuesday at 20:00 UTC +00


EU schedule updated
Rember its DST times now


Hunt on Vulpto in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Meet up at Hunters Courtyard.


is there a place where you can learn on defensive skill set
i prefer to be more defensive but im clueless on ther new skills
i need


EU hunt in 1h 30min, meet up in Hunters Courtyard


Hunt in 10 min


what planet today?