Using World Builder Correctly

Is there a post here that gives basic usage guidelines for the World Builder? I finally figured out how to run world builder and Boundless at the same time using this old post but I am a little overwhelmed when trying to use the World Builder. Plus, when I try to preview the world in Boundless, it crashes.

I just need a little direction, haha, and then I can continue on my way.

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So, this isn’t quite ready for prime time, but I’ve been slowly hacking on a tutorial:

A quick guide to orient yourself:, and a reference on dealing with nodes in the UI:

(the tutorials don’t actually get you to the point of making anything pretty just yet. One of these days I’ll add more steps to it; probably once the C++ version launches.

Note that you have to use the world builder with the old JavaScript version of boundless; it’s not updated for the C++ build yet (the cause of your crashes)


I don’t know how up to date they are, but I know @Squidgy has made some youtube videos on them. I believe his youtube user name is the same as his Boundless user name. He’s also quite an entertaining personality so I find that alone makes his videos worth watching :smiley:


You’re too kind! Thanks!

Yeah I have a basic tutorial, slightly outdates but mostly still okay!


Thank you! I shall have to check these out. And that would explain why it was crashing. Haha.

Squidgy definitely has an exciting personality. Haha. He could do an ad for something mundane like printer paper and you would get excited about it and buy a few hundred reams. :laughing: