World Builder: Preview worlds in-game


(UI is not final)

New feature, coming soon (~ now released); connecting to the world builder from the Oort online client to get an “in-game” view of your worlds!

Note for people navigating here post 112 release. Steam does not allow the World Builder and the Game to be ran at the same time, however you can run the world-builder directly from the file-system instead (The Oort game client does need to be run from Steam)

For a (large) subset of the visualisations in the world builder, there is now an additional mode (the green button) which launches a minimalist server from the world builder. The server window has all the usual options for changing generation size, panning around the world and turning on/off block-types from the visualisation.

But where’s the visualisation? Let’s check the game again…

Hmmm. what’s this?

what happens if i press some buttons in the server window…?

(in particular, turned off water, dirt and stone types from the visualisation)

The lighting config is fixed until we expose things like that into the world builder but it does have a full day/night cycle in it, but things like changing block colours in the world builder will be represented correctly.

Regarding the limitations of this game-mode, the server the world builder creates is ‘not’ the Oort game server, and it does not support any of the game whatsoever; it quite literally just pumps generated chunks to the client to render.

However, our game client is pretty smart itself, and all of the physics is entirely predicted so that you can fly, run around, swim in the world, use the grappling hook and hook shot to explore the world (up to it’s small limits) and mine and place blocks (Though no block drops will appear as the server would normally handle those). The server is also responsible for handling creatures so there won’t be any in this world and you will not be able to save anything you build (and any touch of a button/slider in the world builder will wipe it out anyways). However, it is more than sufficient to get a proper in-game view of the world from the world builder. You will also be in ‘god-mode’ so that you don’t kill yourself should you drop from a height when looking around.


Finally! Now lets do the best World ever! :smile:
Btw. when does it come out?


Very excited for this!


Super Awesome!

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Thank you! This will help tremendously


This looks like something I could get in to,Great Job!!!


I think this will open up a whole new dimension for us. It sure will make working with world builder a lot more fun. I can’t wait.


I just hope it’s still complicated,that was the fun part for me.


Hey, now. What’s this? :smile:


sshhhhhh… it’s a variation of the grappling hook that pulls you in linearly, i don’t know what the plan is on releasing it :wink:


You guys get all the fun toys :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s not as if @lucadeltodecso didn’t leak it more than once in a single post. Good work. :clap: :clap: :clapper:


Well now I have questions?:open_mouth::weary::sweat_smile:

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Ha, he would have been safe if it was just in text! Screenshots are a good distraction, heh

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:smile: oh well. If you need to blame someone, I did ask @ben to review it before making the post public :wink:


I am sorry, could you please explain what ‘‘Linear pull’’ means?

You know how everyone uses the grapple hook for moving faster forward? I think its like that

There is more to it than that. Nobody adds tools to games without purpose. :wink:

May be it’s a shot of a rope that pulls you up directly and quick to reach hights faster (gain speed on the cost of control). I hope so cuz the hook in the moment is a bit to slow if you want to have a “parcour-feeling” :wink:

Perhaps it also has uses as a weapon? Like in Zelda?

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