Video: First look at the new grass rendering and some new textures

You may have seen this on ConflictNerd’s Oort Night, but here’s the full unedited video footage of the (work in progress) grass rendering (and some new textures that sneaked in there too):


Amazing. I love it :smiley:

i like how lush all the grass is, but the small leaf on top makes it look really weird.

The texture is placeholder for now (unsanctioned by art) :sweat_smile:

That sway. :slight_smile:

*That swag :dancers::dancers::dancers:

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Please tell me we can find wild pokemon in the tall grass.

You could lose a small person in that grass.

What if someone hides in the grass, sneaks up to you and grabs your booty? I’m scared of this game now ;-;

He just wants the booty. Some people just can’t help themselves around the booty.

This game should be called “booty online”
10/10 would buy

Booty grab simulator 2015

*booty grab simulator 2015 online
you forgot the online :smiley:

Huh, makes me think of seed pods.

Will there be different types of motions depending on how strong the wind may be? Like a harsh bend during a storm or something?
I think that would be pretty cool.

Wind may also effect the grabbing hook/swing perhaps.

I think that would just be annoying more than anything.

Well the grabling hook is kinda op.

It’s useful, i wouldn’t consider it op because its not really more powerful than anything else. It just provides tons of mobility. In theory it’s the same thing as the grappling hooks in terraria just In 3d space. Perhaps later on they will decide to make it harder to get.

Yes - a balance pass is coming that will spoil everyones fun!! :wink: