Vigour catalyst 2 is STILL broken according to its description

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(I don’t know about VC1, I haven’t tested it to see if it has the same issue)
This is absolutely infuriating and it seems to have been entirely ignored.

It very clearly says it will give “50 vigour per round remaining” but instead it gives you 50 vigour per SEPERATE BUFF you have active at that time. This means if you have, as I did, 6 rounds of 2 buffs remaining, you will get back 100 vigour rather than 300, which means using the catalyst LOSES 100 VIGOUR INSTEAD OF GAINING 100 AS IT SHOULD IF IT DID WHAT THE DESCRIPTION SAYS

Testing after that I had 1 buff with 2 rounds remaining. It used 200 vigour and gave back 50, because it only counts the single buff as 1, rather than 2 rounds of buff for 100.

Either fix the description so people know to never use it or fix the effect to make the catalyst at least somewhat useful again.


Is it similar to this?

Are you referring to actual buffs, or gums? Gums don’t have rounds, they always give just 1 round worth of points I think, buffs on the other hand seem to work correctly.

After testing multiple times further I can’t seem to replicate it at all. I feel like I’ve gone crazy. I feel pretty certain it was two pastes but maybe I was an idiot and I only had the gum and a paste and it just very coincidentally lined up both times.

I found that the AoE enchant seems to have been made ridiculously rare(10 resets to get it instead of magnet) but otherwise VC2 seems to have worked normally for me since after posting so I guess this was unnecessary.

I put at least 2 gums, usually 3 gums of any type in order to get my desired “enchant”

Usually 3 special gums gets me my AOE boon.