Visual Bug: Mass Craft Animation Breaking

I couldn’t find anything recent related to this, so I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but I’ve been experiencing a visual bug for the last couple of months that I figured I should report.

I have not been able to consistently reproduce the issue, but it seems to be that if I have a lag spike while mass crafting something, the animation will break and the image will persist in every machine/crafting table menu until I restart the game.

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Yeah, i get this too.

I get this occasionally on ps4 too, mine fixes itself by exiting the machine menu and reopening it though, and it’s never happened to me cross machine

I’ve seen it and it can happen on the odd occasion. Here is one such forum topic that reported on it previously:

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I found that post but when I went to reply it warned me against re-opening a thread from so long ago. Wasn’t sure what you guys would prefer, a new report or replying to something from January.