(VOTE) Chisel Contest Completed (VOTE)


There is no winner. Nobody gets out alive.

Ps. I’m rooting for you, @AmandaPan!


Heh this is really why I love contests or community fueled projects like this; a chance for all of us from everywhere to get off work or school and just get into this crazy world of possibilities. The Red King shall rise again and shed his cloak of grief! And if the Shining Bird prevails, he’ll ride it into redemption and glory!

PS I’m rooting for you too Amanda hahah


Oh man they’re tied!!! :flushed:


The giant Cuttle Trunk has a freaking Grapple attached to it!

Is no one paying attention to the AWESOME!

(Deliberate grammatical error.)


some would say two sculptures for the price of one :wink:

Panda for president! And to win the competition of course


by far my favourite (not biased at all :wink: ) shame he used all my mats and tools to make it :stuck_out_tongue:
everyone did really well and looking forward to seeing who wins!


But sharing is caring :wink:


these builds are so amazing that it’s hard to choose :sweat_smile:


OMG I’d never seen the little house scene around the bottom of the exhibit until now!! So clever!



with working door haha seemed to be twisted’s favourite part about my sculpture lol


Yeah :rofl: he got excited. Not to be rude @TwistedFoot but what else? You cant break doors :joy:
Also, when did @Glychi start winning? That’s an awesome comeback!


That was awesome. I had a lot of fun making that last video exploring each build and trying to figure it all out. :slight_smile:


haha still anyone’s game at this point been a really exciting contest and you can tell everyone really gave it their all without even knowing the full extent of the prizes involved, it says a lot about this community :slight_smile: we all do it for the love of it xxx this one is not even over and I am looking forward to next event…talks of parkour event, maybe another pixel art contest, maze challenge and even a timed speed sculpting contest …AWESOME.


Omg O_O the numbers are changing across the board! So glad voting can have a week to resolve. Does the big mama cuttlefish have a backstory?


she came to therka with big city dreams, she was gunna be a star, centre stage, but she realised that this city chews people up and spits them out like gristle from a cheap steak served with a side of remorse, for good measure. She found herself drifting from job to job cleaning down broken tables and filling the coffee cups of equally broken people. It wasn’t long before the pitiful pay and non existent tips couldn’t keep a dilapidated roof over this stars head. So she did what any desperate gal would do in that situation, she hit the local strip joint starting out as waitress. Before you know it the stage found her in munteen but instead of that yabowood lifestyle she was yearned for so long ago, she’s shaking it for dollar bills for some pasty, sleazeball spitters… haha ignore me

i dunno @Scratchnwiff i havn’t really thought about it but i am open to ideas :slight_smile: if people need a back story


Omg top 3 are all so close!


Next time we should do this like the Eurovision song contest voting!

“Hello this is Therka calling.”


ahahha that would be fab :smiley:

p.s.: can’t believe I’m reading Eurovision reference on gaming forum :smiley:


It would be great if first choice got more points, second less etc, just like in Eurovision.


i wonder how many vote for sympathy and not for the sculptures :smile:
oh and @willcrutchley lost my vote when he took away the crazy lips tiki
i loved that one :joy: it will be missed

maybe next time you can give the players making sculptures double votes
as they are the real specialists to judge dont think they will vote on themself thats super fail lol