(VOTE) Chisel Contest Completed (VOTE)


:joy: it was a lost cause


Considering we already have close to 100 voters I don’t feel the need to prolong the voting much longer. Midnight tonight CST voting will be closed. Right now there is a 3 way tie for first. If it stays that way all 3 prize lots will be combined then evenly distributed. :grin:


3rd place seems to be haunting me this competition lol I’ll happily take my bronze though :slight_smile:


100 people! :100::100::100:


you can vote on multiple items is that normal


Yes, you are meant to be able to vote for 3 people


103 voters??? :flushed: that’s awesome :heart_eyes: but Pan lost the lead again. The people are torn… :hushed:


Just call it a 3 way tie :stuck_out_tongue:


agreed lol, its so close between them it will come down to luck who’s in first place when it ends :smile:


@Cookviper is it over yet can i stop clenching ? haha


The results are in!!!
1st glychi
Tied for 2nd Amandapan and Scratchnwiff
3rd swede
4th rumplypigskin
5th jeffrotheswell
6th willcrutchley
7th selection
8th houdhakker2
9th andysav
10th 142857
11th stretchious
12th ozarka30


I’m gonna try and give out the prizes tomorrow but just found out my wife got us tickets to see Fallout Boy tomorrow night so we’ll see if I have time to do it. Congrats to everyone though :grin:


In the mean time the contestants can choose the keys they’d like.


@Cookviper ill have the ones to your house, car and safety deposit box please :slight_smile:


@Cookviper I would like if available:
Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut
I am Bread
Mad Dojo
Streets of Rage
Riff Racer - Race Your Music!
Sonic Adventure 2
Styx: Master of Shadows
Tropico 5

Top three choices:
Streets of rage
I am bread
Styx: Master of shadows

tyvm :slight_smile:


Congrats everyone! Really great job!
PS: shadowrun if an excellent choice @Glychi


congrats to you too :slight_smile: great minds think alike


Wait how many keys? :joy:





I mean the others do we get any? Gratz btw!!
Oh, so we all get 3?
Top 3 then:
Goat Simulator
Planetary annihilation: Titans
Tropico 5

Thanks @Cookviper for organising this and for the many bounteous rewards!