(VOTE) Chisel Contest Completed (VOTE)


yeh don’t quote me on it but that’s how i read it :slight_smile: there’s a lot of keys in the list and ty well done to you too!!! awesome job


gotta love goat simulator haha


Absolutely!! I’ve never actually played it, so I thought I had to :joy:


Thx, so many games. I will answer later in the evening. 12 a clock in the day here now. :+1:


Aside from the item prizes here is how the steam keys will be awarded.
1st place = 10 keys
2nd place = 8 keys
3rd place = 6 keys
4th place = 4 keys
5th through 13th places all get 3 keys each


@Glychi game heaven!!


Correction. Since @AmandaPan and @Scratchnwiff tied both 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be combined and split evenly. That means that technically @Swede is 4th and so on and so on. The prize difference doesnt change that much from 4th to 12th but prozees prize money drastically effected 1st - 3rd. Which is a good thing. Not sure if this is making sense to everybody so let me know if I just confused the beans out of you all :sweat_smile:


Here is the prize breakdown for 4th - 12th
2 gem slingbows, 10 raw gleam of each color, 20 lava and 20 water buckets, 20 refined red and pink gleam, 3 steam keys each accept for 4th place which gets 4 steam keys.
The reason for the even distribution past 3rd place was more about rewarding players simply for participating in the contest. The devs were very happy to see so many willing players that were excited about the new chisels that they wanted to help supply prizes but also wished that everybody received some. I hope I explained this right.


Awesome! Can’t wait to have some water and lava! Also that gleam :heart_eyes:


just a quick reminder… if any of you are going to refine the gleam make sure to only put 1 piece of raw gleam in with the plain raw gleam. otherwise itll convert it all. in other words 10 raw colored gleam should yield 500 refined gleam of that color. 10 raw of 7 colors = 3500 colored gleam…assuming you have enough plain raw gleam to convert it all.


I’m gonna go get some now :joy: what’s the best planet?


Good question. It’s been a long time since I last went gleam hunting. :sweat_smile:


I’m gonna try Epsilo, hopefully there’s a lot there :crossed_fingers:


elopor for cream gleam. there is a vain near @Spoygg s house with thousands


congrats all what a fun event!


Epsilo had some, got around 300


Heads up that this “feature” is fixed in the coming Testing release. So refine whilst you still can!!

What turns you off playing Boundless?


how will I ever convert my two pieces of raw red gleam into enough to actually make something!!!


WHAT no! please! you can’t do this while the red gleam is so rare D:


is this coming anytime soon? :frowning: