(VOTE) Chisel Contest Completed (VOTE)


Thanks @Cookviper for the fun contest, and congrats @Glychi on the win!

The keys I’m interested in are:
Never Alone Arctic Collection
The Silent Age
12 is Better Than 6
The Flame in the Flood
Shadowrun Returns
Planetary Annihilation: Titans

But if it’s first come, first serve, then I’ll take Eon Altar since Will already claimed Planetary Annihilation.

About the gleam, maybe the ability to create a mass craft of colored gleam using only one piece of raw colored gleam could be a crafting skill.


Congrats to you too @AmandaPan!!!

Yes yes and oh god yes!


I’m ready to mount my wooden shovel. Where should I pick it up?


I´m interested in the following, in that order.
I know some are taken so I listed more than 4, should be enough.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut
Shadowrun Returns
Tropico 5
Gray Matter
Styx: Master of Shadows
The Final Station
The Silent Age
The Flame in the Flood
Dark Train
Shadow Blade: Reload

There were 2 “The silent age” in your list @Cookviper , I´m not sure if that was a mistake or not.


@james thanks for the heads up!


I wouldn’t mind if everything would be obtainable in game, but as long as you put unreleased gleam in circulation and red gleam is unobtainable this is a really really bad move.

And how will this interact with rocks of the same color from different planets?
Right now i can use a lot of small stacks from different planets with the same color to mass craft.
Can I throw them into the next lake when the patch hits?


for those interested, it’s all reserved, meaning you can mine it but no one can plot it. I have plotted few level below the actual gleam.


That’s not very fair, it’s a bug. The bad world design is another issue with the gleam, and for rocks you need to go to those planets to get it. My opinion is that bugs should be fixed and world design can be handled later.


Wow, so many people voted :smiley: This was an awesome contest and community event. Congrats to the winners and to others best of luck next time!

@Glychi ping me when you’re around to hand you over my part of prize for the 1st place :slight_smile:


I’ll be in for a bit right now to hand out some prizes. Meet me at VP. :grin:


I had not thought about this, but it will be painful if I have to sort my rock by planet for mass crafting. Especially when it is the same color.


I’m coming!


Thank you. I shut down my computer and was going to bed when I saw your post. Fortunately it boots fairly quickly. :grin:


@Spoygg where is your house? :joy:


@AmandaPan and @Scratchnwiff I placed your prizes in storage blocks on each of your plots as well as buying plynths with your prize money. Since you tied I combined the 75k and the 15k and gave you each 45k


I placed some storage blocks with prizes in front of a bunch of the contestants builds. I also added a few of you to the Beacon so that you’ll be able to access your prisee but please only take the ones in front of your build. If you weren’t added you can have one of the other players that were added give you the items in the storage blocks in front of your build. Sorry I would’ve done it myself but I ran out of time tonight. :grin:


I think everybody is covered now and all that’s left is giving out keys. Let me know if I missed you though.


i used only one vote not 3 :frowning: could have made a difference :smile:


andysav is back from holliday he did not vote but hes happy with just participating and supporting the cause :grin: @Andytheka is the man
where theka is i dont know hahahahahahha


Andysav already collected his prizes. Except for his keys. If he’s not on the forum we’ll have to help him out with that part.