[Vykos] --[Fierce Burn Exoworld]--

Name : Vykos
Type : Burn
Tier : 6
Atmosphere : Volatile Lvl 5
42 blinksecs of HOUCHUS I
Warp Cost : 3400c
Last until February 1, 2020 1:43 AM
Server : US East

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.
[ :boom: = Exoworld Color Only ]

Gleam - :boom:80 Stale Red

Igneous - :boom:72 Warm Fuchsia
Metamorphic - :boom:26 Silk Cherry
Sedimentary - :boom:168 Light Fuchsia

Ancient - :boom:100 Light Orange
Lustrous - :boom:82 Stale Sepia
Twisted - :boom:164 Bright Magenta

Exotic - :boom:169 Light Red
Lush Foliage - :boom:99 Light Sepia
Waxy - :boom:168 Light Fuchsia

Clay - :boom:80 Stale Red
Peaty - :boom:28 Silk Orange
Silty - :boom:73 Warm Magenta

Barbed - :boom:169 Light Red
Gnarled - 81 Warm Orange
Verdant - 73 Warm Magenta

Ash - 166 Light Berry
Gravel - 80 Stale Red
Glacier - :boom:173 Bright Fuchsia
Growth - :boom:164 Bright Magenta
Ice - :boom:136 Cool Red
Mould - :boom:32 Hot Tan
Mud - :boom:72 Warm Fuchsia
Sand - 137 Stark Orange
Sponge - :boom:135 Ashen Red
Tangle - :boom:100 Light Orange
Thorn - 69 Hot Magenta

Cloneflower - :boom:202 Vivid Turquoise
Gladeflower - :boom:216 Vivid Viridian
Ghostflower - :boom:99 Light Sepia
Spineflower - 213 Turquoise

Desert Sword - 87 Warm Viridian
Oortian’s Staff - 121 Warm Blue
Rosetta Nox - :boom:106 Light Tan
Spineback Plant - 87 Warm Viridian
Stardrop Plant - :boom:162 Cool Violet
Traveller’s Perch - :boom:171 Vivid Red
Trumpet Root - :boom:167 Vivid Fuchsia
Twisted Aloba - :boom:167 Vivid Fuchsia

Branch Funnel - :boom:29 Silk Mustard
Clustered Tongue - :boom:79 Warm Red
Glow Cap - :boom:170 Vivid Cherry
Mottled Tar Spot - :boom:79 Warm Red
Tinted-Burst - :boom:167 Vivid Fuchsia
Weeping Waxcap - :boom:83 Warm Mustard

Resources Tab



Some locations for resources, the rest are ready at the shuttle :slight_smile:


Slowly working on the atlas… lava worlds…

This made me happy though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

5 boulder rings all in a nice line for me


Oh and highly likely there are better gleam spots around… but until one is posted or I find one, there is some gleam here.


Vykos T6-Burn (Volatile Lvl 5) exo samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam is a repeat exo exclusive and have a token to a 4 pcs seam … Also have tokens to all 3 trees, ice, sponge and tangle…oh yea…its FULL of GOO!!! enjoy my friends :slight_smile:



Completed atlases and some free location tokens available at the usual location at Exo Explorers on Lasaina. (Main portals from TNT Megahub and PS Hub Boori)

The gleam location token has 13 pieces (I think) in a rock shell. You can break your way in, then safely regen while inside without any issues. There is a safe area to stand away from the lava inside.


Great colors - good for upcoming Lovestruck! :wink: - and the big thing here: GOO TUNNELS! :smiley: I’ll get my supplies replenished so can be selling some over the next few weeks!




I know in the blocks you are marking exo world color now which is amazing! Thank you so so much. But does it mean that this planet it’s exclusive or does it mean it’s only been available on an exo previously. I don’t know of it’s too much to note if it’s new as of this planet or not. I just want to be able to differentiate for myself.

@Honey713 I am almost positive that @Gorillastomp said they are EXO exclusive…BUT…they may have been on a previous EXO planet.

Gonna have exclusive (brand new) in the next version of the post, with a last seen date for color repeat.


Gorrilla stomp you are a f-ing rockstar!

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We have a legend right here! :muscle:

some shots from tonight hunt on vykos

weirdly located meteor


Still just a “bit” of goo available on Vykos :crazy_face:

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Any last minute Stale Red gleam farmers, found a spot with 20 gleam together.

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