Wall sized glass

Just wanted to suggest getting a glass that is the thickness of a wall, i tried working on something using walls but if you wanted to use windows you needed to have a whole block no matter what, would it be possible to make? and if yes then how hard would it be to make?

or even better would be if we could get it as a prob so we could open and close them

what does the builders think? do you think you would use it?


That’s the one thing I always missed in MC and I could think of so many things I would use it on^^

It would be even better if the textures would combine to give one big window/glass. But that’s another topic^^

yeah… it have been discussed before and i think the devs said that was not possible. which is why i didnt mention it

What they did? 0.o I don’t remember that and I couldn’t think of a reason why that wouldn’t be possible. I mean EVEN MC could do it^^ So the Oortelves shouldn’t have a problem with it.

The only thing I would understand is a delay because other things are more important first. Like characters and progression.

Eh cant find it so i might be wrong, i would love being able to make transparent windows, but if you allow them to remove borders or split them out then i think there might be certain problems (i am sure one of the devs talked about it, i know 1 part of it was james talking about gleam transparency)

EDIT: i cant find it… i remember talking about ben and my answer was that if we could do that then we could just make huge confusing 3d mazes where you couldnt see you walked into something which he wanted to avoid.

I mean they are already transparent^^ but yea to be able to costumize your window like you described it would require more programming.



you were right, they didnt say it couldnt be done, but he said it was gonna be hard

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This could be done with a glass door (or window) prop - instead of with voxels.

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Yeah i thought about that, would it be possible to have a door like we do now ,but then let the middle be glass?

i think its a double suggestion (sorry about that) i would like to see windows that you can open and close which lets light in, but i would also like to see glass you could put up as a store from for example so people can look in and see what you sell.

Props (and voxel) define how much light passes through them. It’s possible we can update the logic to change the lighting based on open or closed. But this would then require the world in that area to be relit. Do able.

oh so everytime you change it the actual area in the world needs to react? that sounds like quite the job…

when you say you can define how much light, is something like this possible to make?

or doesnt the light work like that

That sort of thing is possible - but beyond the scope of the fidelity of the voxel engine in Oort.

So is the lighting at the moment the same if you have an open or closed door?

Alright. thanks for the answer :smiley:

you said you could allow partial light to enter though? so would it be possible to make a window prop that lets in for example 50% light when closed (cause of glass in them) and 100% when they are open?

I think so. (Would need to check.)

Yep. That should be possible. (But I’m not sure we’d get around to this.)

soo… that just means that it would be a waste to try and make a window since it would virtually just be a door then?

Now we are talking about lighting, have you guys considered and would it be possible to interact with torches and lamps so you can turn them on off? that would be kinda nice if having closed windows means little light.

Interacting with props is on the todo list (doors, torches, etc.)

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Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

On the topic of windows and light, have y’all looked at window tinting? Would a stained glass window, for example, tint the light that passes through it? Likewise, can a tinted window tint the view beyond it in the oort engine, or if not, allow the illusion of transparency. (Ex. You can’t see clear images through a stained glass window, but light and shadows cast on/through them.)

its something i would like to see as well