Want to buy: one of the Deco Prestige seeds

Want to buy: one of the Deco Prestige seeds.

Please Private Message me price for 1. Ty kindly

These haven’t been released yet.


I think the guy who found one said it dropped 3 seeds.

Ohh well then.

just curious why you want to buy this ?

Yeah @Pikario found them but a dev confirmed they weren’t meant to be there!

@James or @lucadeltodecso why is this not being removed from the game? If it was an error or bug on the Dev team we should purge it from the game. People shouldn’t be using anything that isn’t released to make money.

This is not EA where it was “accepted” that some people would be walking around with Umbris and Colors we didn’t have in the game. This is Production and something that slipped through should be purged immediately.

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This reads as pretty aggressive btw.

It was a bug in the code that spawns resources. It’s likely been there for a while… I remember players commenting that Oort Seams will sometimes show up on the resource lists. And yet the Oort Seams and these Decorative crops are set to a 0 spawn rate. Bugs happen.

Should we drop everything and release an update to the game - removing this? In this case no. They’re going to be included in the next update which is imminent. Also there is a time cost associated with doing an update - we’d need to fix the bug, create a migration to remove the resources, build, test, take the universe offline, do the update, etc. All of these steps could also break the game.

We’re currently trying to get the next version ready for Testing that actually includes the Decorative Crops for everyone. Or would you prefer we delay this to remove 1 seed from 1 player?


Finders keepers :wink:


I myself think it’s kinda cool that these crops made a surprise entry in to the live world. Since it is just a decorative item that adds a little bit of prestige I don’t see the harm if one player has them a few weeks before anyone else.

It would be great if more things could hit live with out everyone seeing it in testing. Just imagine the excitement if all of a sudden Elite Wildstock were randomly dropping leather pants.


He got lucky due to an error, it isnt breaking anything or harming anyone, so not a big deal. Quite a lot of us have a lot of spare cash too, so let people go nuts!


Honestly, I think this would totally help. People would be playing more just for the chance to get an actually rare, predominantly cosmetic resource.

Can we get more items to drop like this?


This would be super fun!


Seriously this - I know it is best to test, but really, nice surprises like this would be epic. :smiley: And yeah, this seed thing was really just a cool unintended bonus, happy for the folks that got them. :slight_smile:


Folk. I’m pretty sure it was one guy and it dropped 3 seeds.

It’s so cool. At this point he probably has the single rarest item in the game… and it’s a seed.

They should set up a shrine and it should be honored!


I dunno, @blinvir has a single piece of dark rose ice from the Oortmas event. We checked every planet after the solidifier came out and none of our current 50 planets has dark rose ice. Hasn’t been on an exo either.

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This is great! I’ve got to start hunting right away!

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Does the sprayer spray ice?

Also, was there ice in the gleambow event at all?

No, you can’t spray paint ice or glacier

Ice might have been from the winter event

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I didn’t want to say anything, but I think tomorrow I will have the sanctuary of the seed planted with a portal to be able to visit it, it is an eternal plant, it does not grow or wilt, immutable.