Want to buy: one of the Deco Prestige seeds

It was from the winter event.

All hail the! Bring your gifts to Pikario for so that the plant may bless you and smile upon your future.

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I can’t say for 100% that there wasn’t however I know for a fact I never completed any ice gleambow meteorites and I completed alot of em.

Let it be man… who cares. It’s kinda neat that it happened. Don’t rain on the parade.


I am not interested in selling any seeds, for two reasons:

  1. What price would you put on an object that is unique in the boundless universe and at the same time is useless for now? It doesn’t grow, it doesn’t give prestige. It is only valid to admire and be excited to know how it will be when the update arrives.
  2. There is no price you can offer me, I already made my money selling forged hammers a few months ago and I have everything I need.
    I think it has been a kind of error that he has shown us without wanting a bit of what comes next and has encouraged me to continue building.

Yeah, I can’t say for certain myself.

Was there only the one piece of it?

There’s 50 planets? Wow, it doesn’t feel like 50 at all.

There was a comment earlier that made it sound like this item was not something that would be in the game at all or performed in a way that wasn’t close to the end state was.

The concern is more about object along this line:

  1. it showing being taken advantage of for money at another person’s expense
  2. it existing as a non-valid asset possibly causing other problems, bugs, or issue at a later point.

If this isn an item that is close to what we will see and ultimately will be “changed” into that item, then of course it doesn’t make any sense to go through the efforts to try to remove it especially being that you have all those steps and cannot just delete it like you do when you remove plots or other things for people.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

The person who got the one and only one(which gave 3 seeds) already said he’s not going to give them to anyone. And if people want to try and buy one from him that’s between them. Also he wasn’t the one trying to sell it. Was someone else trying to buy it. Also coins grow out of a machine :joy: you act like coin is a rare commodity. Personally I think you’re blowing this way out of proportion and I doubt I’m the only one to think that.


I understand @Xaldafax concern. It doesn’t take much for this community to start harboring grudges over differences.

Had these seeds been months out or been part of unfinished code and caused problems there’d be even more work for the dev’s to sort through.

As if if isn’t already hard enough managing plot wars.

To which I say again that if footfall never existed or was a bonus to compliment dailies that many disputes might not have been so vicious.

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With all this fuss over a new seed all I want to know can I see a picture of it :rofl::rofl:


Zoom in on this picture

Or there’s this one


Ty ty

It’s so pretty

Can’t wait to start hunting for these soon…hope they bring out a few different ones :grimacing:


Agreed. I like the mystery of it all. Could be fun to try and discover new things.


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the sanctuary to the seed is created in villarie, in the area of ​​the farms, move on to browse it

The seed is exposed on an altar in Villarie, tonight I will open a portal in the hub of the kingdom, for everyone who wants to see how it is

Seriously all this drama because I said I was in the market to buy a seed? Mistakenly released or not does not negate the logic for trying to gain a seed for Atlas. Whether the person who has them wanted to sell or not, my offer was 100% tacticly the correct choice and I stand by it.


While the logic is sound, it was requested not to put the seed in an atlas till official release to prevent breaking things.