Want to create a store in DkMall

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My fiance and I just started this amazing gem of a game a couple weeks ago. Loving the economy and player base. Loving the friendly community. This game is so much more than I expected and I want to be apart of the shop player base!!

I would just start by buying and selling minor things here and there in my shop to get some cash flow, but I REALLY want to get into forging. So hopefully if I am allowed to create a shop in DKMall the shop can grow as we do!!

I checked out dkmall.shop and saw instructions to just build, but I thought you would need permissions setup first or something in order to do that. Also I would like a couple pointers in making sure the boundaries of the shop are in range of allowed size. Then lastly I’d like to ask for pointers on setting up a portal to access the shop easily from home base, preferably so only my family can use it at first.

I hope this is the way to go about this! Couldn’t find any method to “PM” anyone about making a shop (on the forum.)

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Hiya mate and welcome to boundless.

for the DK mall you just find a open spot and then put a beacon in it with some fuel and then claim i think up to a 2x3 area.

The allowable size is in the beacon name when you enter DKs Mall.


Hi! I’d love to have you, just find a spot!


Welcome to Boundless!
To PM someone, just click their name or their picture then click on “Message” button. Alternatively if their name isn’t appearing right in front of you, you can search for them using the magnifying glass icon top right-ish then visit their profile and click on “Message”.

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OK so what I am getting from this is that “open” shop locations are simply spots in the mall that are NOT claimed so therefore a beacon can be slapped on it and I’m good to go.

The size limitation - I want to make sure I understand this too: the 2x6 limitation is in iterations of PLOTS. For some reason I was thinking there was some unknown mechanic to me that allowed adjustment of the blocks claimed inside of a plot/beacon. I was concerned that the default blocks contained inside a beacon/plot itself had to be somehow adjusted to be smaller.

I see now I was way overcomplicating things!! Thanks so much for the explanation!

I’ll get started as soon as I can get on tonight.


It’s a little weird to just march on in and take a spot but you can!
If you get worried, check out the shops around you to get an idea of the space you can take. In theory, you can take MORE space, but many malls have suggested sizes and DK Mall is usually two plot wide and 3 plots long but with a basement that is also 2x3. And if you fall while making your floor…well, join the club!!!
I think that’s right…2x3


I’m not seeing a message button. Just to clarify - we are speaking about the forum.playboundless.com forum and not in game messaging correct?

If I tap your picture for example, I get a brief description of you popping up, then if I click your name/picture again I getpage showing your posts/replies ect but no message button. Perhaps my new account is not prestigious enough to send pms, or my browser on my phone doesn’t display the message button. Likely the latter.

Indeed it must be because of your fresh account. Give it some time until the forum trusts you’re not a troll/bot. Shouldn’t take long :smiley:


Haha I’ve been called worse :stuck_out_tongue: but I am intrigued by the economy here.

For example I noticed that the combined base resources for many low tier things cost more than the final product crafted from them. So for many things it is nearly impossible to buy all of the materials and then craft something from them and sell the crafted item for more than the combined values of it’s base materials. So that rules out buying mats to craft for a profit, unless you get into some high tier crafting/forging…

I can see how effort needed and xp gained from raw materials are factored into market value. I’m pretty sure when I last checked that bars sell for less than ores, for the most part. I’m not counting the buyers/sellers who are selling/buying way above/below market value.

It’s all very interesting to me and ultimately I want to be apart of the shop culture. I’m interested in the metrics of foot fall too - is that measuring how many player steps have occured in your claimed beacon’s plots?

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It’s simply a measure of how many people have entered your plotted space.

It is also affected by how many people come in, how often the same people come, and how often the actual owner/character visits the beacon.

Oh and the size of the settlement you’re in :wink:


Thanks!!! I’d be interested in hearing any general observations you have on the market if you ever have time. Nothing in particular, just general info if you have anything at the top of your head to share. I’m still trying to find some good supply/demand opportunities. Got a few in mind, but as a mall owner I imagine youve seen a thing or two and made some observations on what is needed more than others.

Ahh thank you. I’ll have to look into the specifics - sounds like new players/same players /owners are weighted differently when factored into the overall score. I watched some of your minter tips/tricks videos, appreciate the info on those as well.

Not entirely. Buying in bulk and buying from miners using baskets (instead of buying from shops) can be cheaper. I bought most of the raw mats that I used in my old shop.

I remember it wasn’t this way back when I heavily traded in metals. Markets evolve with time. Part of the beauty of this game - although it can be an inconvenience for settled shop owners to keep up.


Make sure you’re using https://butt.boundless.mayumi.fi/ for price checking, but also be aware that not everyone uses BUTT, so sometimes a “mall convenience fee” is appropriate. I usually try to price somewhere between the “local price” and the BUTT price, depending on the good.

This tool: https://boundless.mayumi.fi/recipes/ exists for estimating price to make something using purchased goods, but isn’t very intuitive (majorly by nature of the tool) and takes a bunch of work to get good use out of it.

https://boundless.gamepedia.com/Settlement has some info on this. There is a base number based on prestige tier, and then it gets increased from there based on a combination of how many people visited and how often they visit. There is a link to a spreadsheet there if you want lots of detail.


I saw the BUTT tool. I am extremely interested in knowing how it pulls all that information and also how often it polls for data.

You mention a mall convenience fee - do please elaborate on that. I apologise if that’s a dumb question!

Thank you kindly for all the helpful links. Everyone has been so informative and it is muchly appreciated.

You get 25k once you open your shop! Though I haven’t been on lately - if you join the dkmall guild I can pay you that way (there’s a guild book next to the xy65 shortcut portal)

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I’ll definitely join the guild. Thanks man!

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No problem, welcome to the game! Some nice new people are setting up on row H, maybe you can be neighbors!

Most people take a 2x3 shop spot, but you can have bigger if you need it, as long as you’re selling lots of stuff!

Also sorry there’s a few large portals out at the mall, I’m at my girlfriend’s house and PS remote play isn’t working (and my PC alt doesn’t have perms, lol)

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I think by “mall convenience fee” he means prices can be higher in malls. I would say it’s more that people who don’t know what stuff is worth put up accidental bargains, and those people tend to have a base out in the wilderness that somehow is always 1500 meters from every major hub on the planet, haha. I like that aspect of the game though, I think it’s fun :blush:


Yeah, what DK says is definitely what I mean. If I want a discount using BUTT, I know I’m probably sprinting halfway across a world for it. If I just want my stuff now, I make sure the shop I’m going to is at a mall or well-known shop, even if it’s more expensive.

Oh, is that how that’s supposed to work? For whatever reason, I could never find that book. Are we supposed to set beacons to the guild as well?

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