Want to open my shop?


Hi all

I want to open my shop on Mac-rib but I’m very out of touch on in game prices.

So my question is… there are some extremely talented people in is fantastic game and I was just wondering if someone has made a price list lately?

I’m on PS4



Knock 2 zeros off the prices, site hasnt been updated since the change to use decimal prices.


The btn is a great resource but some guild shops (for guild members only) can be included which are usually much lower prices than generally found.
also there’s is still a rounding ‘error’ so prices, for example, can show as 2001 instead of 20.01
Otherwise, I love it and use all the time


Thank you for sharing information :+1:


Wow :astonished: just look at BTN that’s awesome :clap:


If you use it to buy things I’d suggest ignoring any good deals that have less than 2 days till they are expired. Very unlikely they are still there when the timer is under that. Lots of times I’ve run to empty shop stands because of that


Two thoughts.

Boundlesstrade.net is a good way to look up prices. I don’t k ow if people actually scan these days because from what I see, if you request a scan it doesn’t really get done consistently… but at least it’s a good pricing guideline.

Second… McRib is a T6 planet, so really the only people who will be able to shop there are those with the ability to go to T6 planets. While I can do that, there is a big portion of the community that cannot. It’s your shop, so do what you like… but there is a reason most shops are in lower tier planets. :nerd_face::+1:



I want to open a shop on a lower tire plant but you have to join a discord or become a guild member of a city and I don’t want to do that. I know no one comes to Mac-rib because most off the time I’m the only one playing :grimacing: but I love this planet.

Do you know somewhere I can setup shop and not become a part off a guild or discord?


Gyosha mall, just put a beacon on an unclaimed stall and follow the size rules, dont have to be in a guild or anything


Thank you ever so much for replying and for your information :+1:


I have a couple stalls in the gyosha mall I can give you. Tho my work week has started so the only times I’ll be able to get on are 7am-8am cst until Wednesday. Wednesday is the start of my weekend that’s when I can pretty much get on at anytime.


Who says? :blush: come to iLLumiNaughty. We have several options for owning a shop. We have plots set aside for people to build a stand alone shop/ we have The Naughty Village, where you build you shop where you want and then connect to the village via portal, and we have a mall.

Not one of these options requiring you to join our guild.

On a T6 planet you are limiting your customer base as well as limiting the connections so people can find you.


Thank you all for being so kind I will come have a look at your sites some time today and I will let you all know.

Your all so kind :+1:


Kinda glad im not the only one wanting to open a shop on Malurialakrib. Thinking of selling coils here too ahah.



Yer there not wrong when the say it’s a harsh planet :wink: I have a portal network for diamond mines and ash that have been open for sometime now and still no one uses them . .
Maybe I need to post it :thinking:

Where are you located?


There’s a lot of people who have diamond mines. There’s probably 2 or 3 in every hub that’s on McRib. Not including the mining networks that are set up on the t5/6 planets.


You are right in saying that .

See I’m building my own farming city on Mac-rib and I have been so busy doing it I have just lost touch with the outside worlds.
Also to slow to do other things like open mines and other sites.

I plan to invite people to come farm there when in finished building.


how do I fine iLLumiNaughty everything has changed :crazy_face:


I have a portal S1 in portal seekers network. Right now my place is nothing more than a flat brick floor on top of a mountain, but over the next week or so I plan to build a grand citadel there.

Got it designed on magica voxel, i have all the brick, now i just have to make it.


It’s the naughty Mall you’re looking for, there are a lot of portals for it in the main hubs.