Want to see other planets on Testing Server? I got you!

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Stuck on the testing starter worlds?

I got ya!

Marvoni: See the capitol city, I have a shop setup there with warp tokens to Dor III-A, Bominoruta, and Omegasus V! Shop coordinates: -46N, -17E, Alt: 74

Dor III-A: There is a shop setup in a place where I found a couple other players nearby. Coordinates: 1413N, -277E, Alt: 68 - it has warp tokens to the Marvoni Capitol, Bominoruta, and Omegasus V!

NOTE: You cannot warp from Marvoni to Omegasus V without a blinksec perk, to avoid this, warp to Dor III-A or Bominoruta first then to Omegasus V!


Once again… I hate to ask this but is there a tutorial on how to use coordinates and altitude to find stuff…? is that on the compass?

Press “P” and go to “locations” and there’s a custom location button. Fill in the boxes with the coordinates given and away you go. An orange arrow will appear on your compass display


A side note, not terribly related… but not everything needs a tutorial. Some things are pretty intuitive. And there are a few objectives that teach you about using the compass (they aren’t the greatest, I must admit)

I for one would be very annoyed if a game tried to hold my hand TOO much, but I guess I’ve been PC gaming for close to 20 years now so, that might just be me…

Edit: Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not trying to mock you, just stating my opinion :man_shrugging:

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I used the word “tutorial” loosely kinda.

Like, atlas, should just say in the description, “Drag and drop a resource to see it on the Atlas”

I don’t mean necessarily that it needs a tutorial, same with some of the other stuff.

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Yeah, I agree some of the tooltips probably need to be updated a bit

I just picked some up, thanks!

How did you manage to get off the starter planet? I thought the recipe for Warp Augments was bugged.

Edit: Just realized I can’t use the tokens because I need silver to make portal conduits. Thanks anyways though :slight_smile:

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It is - but Jiivita got a single warp aug from the devs and went to Omegasus V - he shared some warp tokens which I eventually got.

I farmed hard on Omega and found the materials to make more warp augs, even with the tougher recipes, and went to Bominoruta, and then I made tokens for all of the above

No you don’t - use regular warp conduits for a one time use portal (or go to sanctum and use the extra portalway there)

You can save the location by putting it in your hand and holding the click to save it to your location list

Wow… 800 hours and I never knew that lol. I always just put them in conduits.

Great tip, and now I’m on Omega 5. Thanks @Aridhol

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No problem!

Location tokens and portal token are actually different things. You can’t use them interchangeably. It’s sort of confusing because they use the same icon.

Well they have a different symbol on the slate itself so its very slightly different :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really? I never noticed lol

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