Wardrobe system

Talking about how you can get the most out of armor and stuff, i think that GW2 did that in a pretty nice way.

GW2 made a new system called the wardrobe system some time ago, it looks like this

the point of the wardrobe system was to ‘‘save’’ the style of the items you got. meaning that even though alot of the styles were reused several times over the game you could find the more unique ones and either right click and click ‘‘save style’’ or equip them and automatically get the style.

you could then make a chest piece look like another chestpiece by using a transmutation charge. the only thing that is to remember is that the armor and weapon types were split, so you couldnt make a cloth glove look like a metal gauntlet, and the other way around.

i love customization, it is what i can use most of my time on in RPG’s getting JUST the right look (dont judge me!!), to minimize the work placed on you and forcing you to make a ton of different looking styles and everybody in high level looking the same, you could implement this idea of saving the styles, and as was so finely proposed by some random person we could use oort shards to power that system too.

this combined with colors would allow you guys to make less styles but still have massive amounts of customization so no 2 people look the same.

would it be possible @ben or would it be more work for you guys? (i dont know anything about programming so i sadly cant judge.)


Great idea. I’d say the only time consuming part would be making the inital (armor/weapon) parts. Especially if you want them to look good with changing colors. But that part should be fairly easy.

I like the ystem used in GW2, but for a crafting game I would like to see a system where you have to do something to change the look of an item. Would be good to be able to make tokens which can be used on Items for changing their look (but consuming the token). On this way you also get some economy if you are able to sell the tokens (even if the original item was sould bound on equip) :wink:

That’s a good point.

But after thinking about the whole thing I’m a little bit split. I understand the underlying thought but I think it would be nice to judge the strength of your opponent on how he looks.

That was never a problem in GW because you didn’t have time to really get a look at your opponent in a fight (or maybe that’s just the noobish me^^).

btw I hate soulbound anything it’s just useless for players and annoying^^


Yeah, Diablo 3 also does a pretty good job of doing something similar as well, and I thought that was kinda the point you were wanting to make when you started the other item suggestion thing with a GW2 picture.
Its definitely something I think the players will support, being able to customize the look of things rather than have 100 different skins.

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Tinting is a great way of getting lots of variability at a reasonably low cost of development, great thinking! Saving styles is possible. This is exactly the kind of thinking I was talking about earlier, good stuff!


But doesn’t GW2 just have 100 different skins and no real possibility to costumize anything? Well except for the color palette^^

Ummm, It may have changed, I havent played GW2 in around a year (and D3 was my example :blush: ) but iirc you could do costumes, but what I was more referring to was letting you actually transmog the items.

Once you find an armor, you unlock its look.
Players may then make change any armor to that armors look if they craft a transmog stone (or some other thing lol).
Once used on pants of the oortian crusade they now look like epic titan pants until the player uses a different transmog stone on them.
AND the player may then color the item differently, so your epic titan pants (or similarly transmogged item) dont look the same as mine!

Yea that’s how it works but it’s a basic reskin isn’t it?^^

I like the system to btw but I also like to know what my opponent in PvP wears.
I’d hate to see someone with a noob skin of an armor and then being crushed. A wolf in sheep’s clothing style^^

May be if there will be displayed names above a player you also could show a number representing the reached tier of that player. On this way you could see, that it’s not a noob :wink:

I hope there will be no simple “chose and click” method to change a look of equipment, but a solution with crafting integrated. It’s a crafting-mmo … so give us the possibilities, but let us do something for it :wink:

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I’m split on that too. Potentially a player’s rank could be displayed with their name icon when you’re looking at them so that you could at least have an idea of what you’re fighting. If the game was mostly skill based though, appearance could mean less, and therefore make costume armor acceptable.
+1 for tinting & wardrobe in general though. I don’t really think wardrobe is a very original idea, but it works so well and it would be relatively easy to implement.

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Yeah that is one of the points that could be against it, i have personally never had any problems with it in other games, but still.

I just hate having to run around in an armor piece i dont like, even if it looks epic then there are still 1000 people who look just like me, GW2 gave massive freedom in how you wanted your character to look in that sense.

but in case they add ANY transmog system this would be the most effective.

¨BTW it is also somewhat of a curious argument because of several reasons

  1. you want to be able to level up inifintely (or close) and if we say that the coolest armor set shows power 100 and you are power 300 then i wouldnt get anything from it anyways.

  2. you were greatly against ‘‘Pvp trolls’’ who would go around and kill people with no risk, if you make armor unchangeable then there would be no ‘‘wolfs in sheeps clothes’’ and you would know the level of the enemy, but on the other hand he would know the enemy of you, you are making it easier for him to identify low level targets that doesnt even have a sliver of a chance for winning. same system if you allow them to see your level.

meaning that if you have a transmorg system you wont be able to visually distingush a low level from a high level because they could be, as you so finely put it ‘‘a wolf in sheeps clothing’’ this systtem would prevent hunting down newbs because when you see a person running around in low level armor you cannot just assume he is low level, and that is where the attacker might calculate risk vs reward.

If the set had power 100 and I had power 300, I’d get 33% more power wouldn’t I?
But yes the factor would get closer to 0 the stronger you get.

The second would be an argument for such a system that’s true.
But depending on which system would be implemented for PvP, Noobs just shouldn’t go to PvP worlds if they fear death.

Noobs shouldnt go to pvp zones if they fear death, might be, but high level cowards shouldnt enter pvp either, instead of being like ‘‘well i am 100% sure i can take this dude’’ or ‘‘i am 100% sure i cant take this guy’’ they are more like ‘‘this dude could possibly kill me. is the risk worth the reward’’

Also for the set it was to prove that ‘‘hmm, he must have 100 skill level since its a 100 skill level set’’ but if you are 300 skill level, hence having much higher stats that wouldnt help me 1 bit.

But that decision making works almost the same with or without the wardrobe function. It’s neither an argument for nor against it.

It would help you make a minimum strength estimate.

yeah that is why i point out i dont think you should be able to see who was high and who was low level, the wardrobe function would encourage that.

i really dont want to be locked down to having 1 armor set, and everybody looks the same in endgame. im just countering your argument that it would be a bad idea because you couldnt judge what power level the enemy was, letting it be seen on gear or as numbers is the same thing

I wouldn’t obsess over PvP too much. If we include it, we’ll make sure it feels fair at it’s core, and the look of the gear you’re wearing shouldn’t affect it.

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well you didn’t counter it. but as ben said it seems we should focus on other topics atm^^


so its possible? i love being able to customize how i look >.<