Warp block cheat

Don’t ruin it…I use this method to build base when decided to move…I don’t see it as a cheat seem it’s been in the game since it been on playstation

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Well it’s been in the game since free warp home. Which was not at launch of the game.

I’m guilty of using this “cheat” as well. I used to use it when I was building on McRib. I’d set my McRib base as home while the portal was opening to my original home on Sorissi.

Yes your right. I forgot about there was no free to base warp…it’s been awhile

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so people who build portal hubs for the community are already suffering for ort but we should let this cheat stay in the game so as to put more pressure on portal hubs…bad idea. Lets just make Boundless a single player game

It doesn’t effect them at all and it’s not a cheat. U cannot use it as much as u think…think about it’s been around for ages and it gets brought up now because someone wants to be the one to let everyone know…it’s never been a issue.its quite funny actually

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If people are suffering with there hubs then close them. It’s too much of a waste of time for anyone to use this method to go everywhere. Only thing it’s good for is moving inventory from one base to another.


There’s NOTHING wrong with hubs! I don 't understand why you created this topic! This is a sandbox game and players must use its features! We have already lost bombmining! I write again - thank you !

PS: I must remember your name and mention it when the devs will prohibit or restrict this feature.


Hunt leaders are using it to get to their desired planet, So now a portal network just lost foot traffic of the entire hunt…I dont think its funny. The devs give us a free warp home and a select population needs to take advantage of that kindness. kinda slimy

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Why did you write this out here? Can 't you share this feature in person with your friends?

I want the devs to se it and take it out of the game its garbage, forum says talk about anything…did I hit a nerve?

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Wonderful!) I consider you a malicious element from this moment on)

PS: I don’t have hubs, stores, or portals, and i don 't make money from footfall


I consider you comment shaming, which is against the eula of this forum

I consider you comment shaming, which is against the eula of this forum

Hey all, friendly reminder that ‘flaming’ is against the CoC.

Please take a moment to have re-read the CoC, especially if you haven’t read it in a while.


This just really shows how imbalanced the economy is, hunting is overvalued versus the other activities in the game.

If you aren’t hunting then you don’t generate enough income and coincidentally cant really afford to have portals.

Where as with hunting, you just have to be there, you don’t even need to make a meaningful contribution to be considered a participant. Just showing up to hunts and being in the area you are rewarded with oort shards and can open portals left and right.

If hunting is your thing you basically can just do that a couple of hours a week because you drops will be prized versus what anyone else digging in the dirt can create.


@Jaidic had a great point, this games population isn’t exactly booming at the moment and they need to add more to the game and not remove things. We already might lose people due to compactness, and those who will leave aren’t going to be new players but active ones so changing another things that would remove something people have worked to make, wether it’s taking advantage of the system or not will just cause more negativity and division in community.


Ok here are my thoughts:

  1. This is very time consuming to do
  2. maybe make it so only 2 or 3 ppl can go through a free warp before it closes but I wouldn’t “nerf” it further

I do not think this is true. I gather resources, and then I build. I do not hunt at all. I have only been active over a month now but I can take one 6-12k hammer and come back with 50-80k profits depends on my setup. If I take 2-3 hammer with me I bring back 150-240k. I sell most of my things at the gosha mall, to LAKE (Blaze is owner) they are always buying all ores. so it is guaranteed income for me.

I have been hunting one time only. Died immediately. Didn’t ever go back.

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I can do this too but the amount of time & effort required to do this, versus just showing up to a hunt is not the same… I get about 100k per hammer on a exo, 2-3 hammers would be in that 200-300k range for 3 hours of work…

i can get the same in about 45 minutes of just tagging along on a hunt in oort shards alone…

if i sell the animal parts i get even more return on literally no investment other than a loot stick and showing up to a hunt…

in fact if i wanted to i could boot up a 2nd client and then log in a alt and have them tag along not hunting at a speed hunt…

the game does not reward the same level of effort across the different activities the same.

Not solo hunting, having other players hunt for/with you in a group and letting them defeat the mobs, all you need to do is stay out of the way, they will even res you.

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