Warp to another world nearly impossible?


Edit: Among the various post below, i was able to find a workarround to my problem of planet travel. So for myself and myself only, i consider this topic closed. But feel free to keep on discussing :smile:
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So as most of you already know, it cost coins to warp to another location. I believe this was done in an update a while ago (not sure as i only joined Boundless a week or so ago.) So after warping on my own resources to other world in order to try and gather resources to build a Portal, i’ve thought to myself “What if i no longer have coins left…”

Now most of you would go ahead and say “You can always use the Portal Seeker and other such hubs portal”. But in order to satisfy my own curiosity of exploration, i like to do my own stuff. Also, let’s go with the worse scenario possible: “What if those hubs ran out of power for some reason?”

How are we expected to portal to other locations/worlds if the only way to obtain coins is to either create a new character, sell yourself something along with the tax eating your coins or by waiting a whole week for a measly 2400 coins (assuming you’ve finished all feats already.)

Am I missing something here or is there another way to either make coins or to warp to other world without having to rely on other people hubs and/or making new characters?


you can also craft warp arguments to get to other worlds(like in the tutorial) given its not super accurate but will atlest get you to the world you want to be on.


Aren’t those used to save the target location to actually use onto Warp Block which actually cost coins to warp?

Edit: I don’t really care for accuracy jump if i can do it free of charge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oh dang yea you are right i think the tutorial jump was free but it would cost after words :frowning:

testing it now to make sure


I did go to other planet. Went to Solum Andoween to gather some diamond but had to come back with merely 54 diamonds. Far from enough to make 10 Power Coil. That is when i realised that i might need to do some back & forth and the cost of the warp.


ok warp args are not cheap eatherffb4366b2b7776f244ca8253a27539b7
needs to be made in a compactor


you can always warp home no matter what world you are on, however it will cost more coin to do so.

The best solution really is to save locations on every planet or on either side of a portal, or in each portal hub for each world so you can always get back to the hub of the planet you’re on and then you can just walk to the planet you’re going to and then walk out to the wild to warp


yea but the point here being what if you run out of coins…right now there seems to be no way to get form world to world for free


I believe that is what i used yah. Can’t really say if that is costly or not…to me it didn’t seem like costy but i’m new so who am i to judge.


also just checked and yea landing sites cost the same has if you just had the location saved…to arg jump form solum to andooweem would cost me 460c and require ablity to warp 5 blinksecs


I believe the cost is the same as if you would hop from one planet to another as jumping from Solum -> Epsilo cost 100 coins.

Edit: At best, it would simply be a bit lower or higher. Either way, problem stand if you run out of coins.
Edit 2: Lore-wise: That’s probably how the ancient space travellers got stranded arround here in the first place lol. They ran out of coins. :smile:


indeed you can still warp home if you run out of coins! it will just take you to into the negative.


hmm…you just gave me a idea. I’ll have to test something out…

Edit: Cannot set a home location to another planet :frowning:



not exactly. :stuck_out_tongue:

you should be able to, you have to place a beacon, then set that beacon as your home


Hmm, just tried and i can’t seem to place Andoween as my home planet while being on Solum. I did left a powered Beacon over there too.


you have to do it in the beacon’s UI


Thus…if your out of coins, your stuck on said planet :stuck_out_tongue:


Another question. Do portal cost coins aswell or simply the Oort stone to power them?


right, yes, so it would be a better idea to keep your home beacon where your base is so you can always go back and regroup or whatever. (or perhaps in a settlement where you have access to stuff or near a portal hub.
being out of coins shouldn’t ever be that detrimental in this case.

portals are only fuelled by oort shards currently, although I hear they will be implementing other forms of portal fuel as well. Oort shards will be the rarest of fuels.


Why are you trying to get diamonds and portals if you have only played a week or so? I’m curious as I have not even looked for any gems and have never made a permanent portal and all three of my characters are in the mid 30’s levels. I travel a fair amount between planets various ways and have homes on several, but, no portals or gems. Each of my characters I think has over 70,000 coins because I get the daily and weekly awards on each most of the time. That keeps me with plenty of coin for travel. Leveling and I believe some feats also give you coin.