Warp to another world nearly impossible?


If you are out of coin to warp somewhere, I believe the next step can be one of many (assuming a fresh start, no portal networks exist etc):

  1. search your planet for traders / other players; see who needs what, fill that need for coin, go home.

  2. check your journal for objectives / feats and aim to accomplish one. with the resultant coin, go home.

2b) Grind whatever you can to level up, get coin, go home.

  1. Your daily activity targets grant 200 coin, If you’re lost further from home it’s gonna take a while…

  2. Accept your fate, change status from “stuck on X” to “living on X”, work your way up, build a base, get better at everything, start your own portal hub for players who got stuck and want to solo it…

  3. don’t jump that far so early if you don’t have an income source / plan, the outer worlds are dangerous enough for people who step out prepared!



this is very true. it took me a very long time to even get my first gem tool.
this game kinda requires patience :stuck_out_tongue:


Because i like to explore :)?
Because i want to be able to go from planet to planet whenever i feel like it?
Because…___ <-- insert any reason you can think of lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I like that idea lol. I did cross my mind but i wanted to see if i was missing other alternative :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually am more of an explorer/miner than builder. So that’s why :wink:


Everything will still be there to explore if you give yourself a few days income to be able to warp several times. Just like real life, you just do what you like that earns money (in Boundless that is pretty much anything) and then choose what you wish to spend that money on. You can go anywhere you like whenever you like if you save a little coin first. As I said, each of my three characters has over 70,000 coin so they can all warp a whole lot of times. No gems needed and only been playing since March I think? Maybe February. Just like real life, in Boundless with a little patience and effort almost anything is possible. Without a little patience and effort then you either have to depend on others or do without.


oh totally, everyone should be able to play the game however they want :slight_smile: though some planets are meant to be explored in later game (especially some of the new planets that are coming! :smiley: )
I’m more of an explorer/builder. I like to see all the places and then find the coolest (IMO) place to build.
I actually made my first settlement/build on Vulpto, a tier 3 planet but I chose it because at the time its mobs were a lot more tame but it still had the decent drop rate of a T3 planet. I am now living on Munteen on an island in the middle of a lava lake :blush:


Yah, i haven’t tryed fighting on Vulpto though i did pass through. I’m gonna wait till we can avoid fighting mosnter somehow without advanced brew or in some method to prevent monster spawn in our home (unless beacon already act that way? I’m unsure…)


yep! thats what they do, they’ll prevent mobs from spawning inside. only problem is you’ll have to protect a fairly large area to fully prevent them from spawning around you.
thats one of the reasons i’m in the middle of a lava lake :stuck_out_tongue: once I protected the whole island, no more mobs!
–except for the ones spawning in caves now lol but they’re on the other side of the floor so whatever :stuck_out_tongue:


Well damn. I’m moving to Vulpto right now then. lol. Reason for that being that people are running away from it and i like secluded area XD


Look at the player personality thread and you will see most people are more explorer than anything else. I was 100% explorer and 33% on each of the other three measured things. Building is what I spend the least time on by far and exploring and collecting materials for crafting (hunting, mining, gathering) on the way is what I do the most. You fit right in with the majority of people in Boundless. Spend years in the game. Don’t be patient and rush to do everything quick and you will be gone to something new in no time as you will have done everything and been everywhere.


I have a home on Vulpto. Make sure you can fight elites by yourself before moving there. Helps to know you can solo some meteors too. I manage with iron weapons. Try it out before committing to moving there.


Tell me about it rofl. I just went to tour the Capital of Solum for Request basket, see the prices of stuff (just to get a general idea.) Then i stumbled onto a Nasharil Portal. I figured “meh, why not go give it a try…that or Vulpto, gonna be the same difficulty anyhow”. I was crying for my mommy trying to grapple my way on top of a high cliff rofl. Damn cuttle >_> It kept chasing me. So i’ve decided to go back home for a bit until i’m able to raise my Vitality a bit more lol.Either that or raise my Shadow effect…we’ll see.


Just gather some bark - milk glands - tech - volatile blood - shards - fibrous leaf or something easy to get and make yourself enough money that none of this matters. Sell it and you’ll have a portal in an hour complete with ort.

I am paying 400 per volatile blood and blast shards at the moment, which in an hour would be enough for a whole cluster of portals. But all of the above sell well. Use the ingame shops and economy it’ll save you weeks. - If you want to do absolutely everything yourself, then yes it’ll take you weeks or a month + to do it.


Where can I find your request baskets ?!


You can find a portal to me at Therka market near the portal seekers hub in the corner there. Near splats emporium and the hunters courtyard portals. - Its called the blockless shop. People are beginning to fill my baskets up which is nice, and its a limited time thing. But every other thing I just said about the other shops is true. Milk glands go for 65 - 80 coins, bark is well priced, leaves go for 50c etc etc its all so easy to go gather.


concerning the expense of creating your own warp augemnts now @james and team… what on earth are you doing???

IMHO warp augments should be one of the cheapest things to make for the above reasons… not to mention

  • your stuck on munteen/andoo you have a base point on said planet… you need to get back to a lower planet… but your out of spark/essences and etc… and you keep dying trying to get the mats needed

  • due to above… you rage quit that character, delete it and start again… then 8oh no im out of coin!* yes, but you can always go into the negative…

  • … look i love this game… but now i am having second thoughts about its accessability… :confused:


I gues we could always buy a worp crystal… but

1 - many players are only on at certAin TZ’s
2 - some planets hardley have any player acativity regardless of time (Veena V)

The only way i can see this being fixed is if James was to stand in the game on certain planets at set times throughout the day - allowing you to dev portal

Or better idea… have a AI/computer/server ran shop which only sells warp crystals for

1 discounted prices
2 as IOUs


Warp augments are the cheapest they’ve ever been.
T2 planets and above literally rain warp conduits from the sky.
You make thousands of coin a week just for logging in.
You can warp home from the sanctum regardless of coin.
Going negative in coin is an IOU.

I’m sorry but by lvl 8 I’m freely traversing the boundless universe myself. Not sure how much cheaper it can get before it loses all meaning.


@Barneylee57 no, absolutely no, :-1: WARNING! Agree level: 0

This is a respectable game, it is not angry birds done with cat-like people thrown from planets to planets.

There is a progressione curve.
If you jump from low level to high level content, with zero knowledge of the game, it will not be a curve, it will be a wall.
And when you hit that wall and you come back asking to lower the wall for you, 'cause you can’t do what you want, it’s just unfair.
When group hunting there could be a lvl 8 player that after 2 hours will be lvl 20 and will belive this game is a casual game, this should be in some way avoided.

And if I can be totally sincere: sometimes I’d like the diffculty level to be higher and advanced players not to help too much lower ones or at least a REAL wall like:
-before lvl 15 you can’t use portals - with the excuse of something that the sanctuum guy will give you after the completion of a quest, the item he gives you is needed otherwise the atoms composing your body would be spread all around the univers. only after this you can access portals (this will stops you from going in any way out of your home planet)

Everytime i see medium/advanced guiding new players to advanced content instead of letting them learn theyr way, my heart cry. You are not helping them, you are letting them jump the “learn to walk by yourself” phase. You are destroyng theyr game experience :frowning:
And see the result.

After all, if you just play, you get money. chek your journal “J” and see wich objective or feat is nearly completed and you’ll get money

You will be able to do it, there is a skill to augment your warp jump distance, and a lot of other skills and attributes that will boost your exploring ability… just learn the game and build a character that fits your play-style :wink:
Or you just want to be able to explore everything from lvl 0? :japanese_ogre:
press “J” and get some money from there to jump back to the placid home world (to explore it, as it seems you haven’t explored it enough :joy: )

  1. Warping off your spawn world is supposed to be a challenge. We actively don’t want new players accidentally going to worlds they’re not ready for.

  2. You can always warp home. (Independent of Coin and distance. If this isn’t working then it’s simply a bug.)

If you choose to use other players portals to explore - then that is great. But:

  1. The game needs to warp you that you’re leaving a spawn world and going to a harder world, ie. you can, but it’ll be harder.

  2. The game will actively block you going to really hard worlds when we introduce the toxic atmospheres.

The Boundless worlds deliberately have a difficulty curve.