Warp to another world nearly impossible?


i apologize James (i am always doing this it seems) - this time for the fact that i have actually oticed that you have removed the warping to another planet (or at least changed it) within th tutorial/objectives list -

And yes ok, you say it was never supposed to be an easy thing to achieve… i am just taking everything for granted because things used to be so different… as much as i love the recent changes - they are also very confusing in their own right (dont play for a month? well your a nub again - is how it feels)

@Havok40k - the proof that warp crystals are not the cheapest they have ever been is the fact that i remember (and there is videos and etc still around) when warp crystals only took basic mats and maybe 1/2 points in item crafting/machine crafting etc… never needed spark… never needed power (how confsuing and expensive THAT is) And were craftable in a basic workbench

Not being blahblah about it… but you said it was as easy / easir than its ever been so :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just as i say in a few posts since coming back @james (honestly not to cause issues) - this game has changed a lot… since last playing… and i personally feel that to a returning nub/complete nub - the game is a lot more daunting, and not as nub accessable as it used to be… it seems you are tying to split the player base entirely… - crafters/builders/hunters/gatheres/exploreers… all in their individual group… but… i wish to multy class… but multy classing - it looks - is going to be VERY expensive…

I just cannot wait until the final wipe :wink:

to be fair though… maybe i should stop playing as i did in the past and try different approaches - but… old dogs and all that eh :wink:


I think @Havok40k was referring to warp conduits, assuming you have at least a saved location on a different world. The travelling part is much easier than before, the warp augment has become much harder to craft to improve the progression from home planet to a new unvisited planet.

The devs are working on making different classes more distinct indeed, giving a feeling of more specialisation in each broader class yes. They are also working on a swappable skill loadout for each character - so you need more skill points to be good at 1 thing but can swap to a different set using the same amount of points therefore making different specialisations much more accessible than before.

Lastly, as someone who started fairly recently i think its a bit unfair to compare the game complexity now with previously, even more so since it is still early access / in active development. The ability progression feels good, gold / silver / titanium tools still get skipped but that’ll change when the forge comes around, harder worlds are much harder (again progression win) so if you just picked up this game today with no prior experience of how it was, i dont think theres a lot we can point fingers to (tutorial expansion excluded).


these are the warp crystals i mention … - conduits are the blocks made out of wood and stone :wink:


why do you need power? you can easily make fresh vital essence out of bones or fresh blood or hide or raw meat or tallow or viscous blood, which requires no power and no spark, The actual recipe for an augment only needs a bit of copper and spark combined with the essence, which doesn’t seem hard at all… 100 spark is pretty easily obtained tbh
and a compactor can be had pretty easily too. Maybe is should be harder!!
You used to need gold alloy to make them right? so it used to be harder :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe the key issue is in regards to the skills you need in order to craft the machines and items. I cannot remember at the moment but I think you need 3-5 crafting skills unlocks to leave the home worlds at the moment.

Now, there is always the option to buy it from another player but some players are very reluctant to buy from other players and horde their coin. It would be useful to know the psychology behind this behaviour because maybe we can help?


Every world has portals to the hubs. As I said above you could have a warp portal or argument as a complete newbie using stone tools at your house in about half an hour selling a few gathered materials. Literally. You could hack a few leaves and kill a few wildstock and you have your own portal with a bit of ort, or warp augement.

You wouldn’t know to do this of course at first, it took me about 10 hours maybe to see the benefit of the market, about another 10 to find out what was worth selling. Ever since then for 300 hours of play now i’ve sold stuff, either excess or a portion of what i’ve gathered. A mention to buy and sell with players being beneficial would be nice in the tutorial. - Or a mini guide that mentions this for new folk. As a solo player I focus on a few areas and buy/sell the rest.

The alternative is you can work in a community, town etc and share resources to get started up. As a solo player in MMO however buying and selling is commonplace in any MMO i’ve ever been in, the market is my community so to speak.


maybe the fear to buy something at “wrong” price? when you are new, you don’t know wich is the value of coins… 1 is a lot? or is nothing? you don’t want to get stucked because you bought something that you can craft with a little bit of patience…

you want to spend coins on something you understand

once you have a general idea of how the game really works… the player make an alt character (or reset skill on the actual) and start enjoyng the game

advanced players who just collect coins atm i belive are not a big issue, as long as they just keep selling things instead of giving them for free as they don’t need money :stuck_out_tongue: but maybe contracts will help on this…? i would spend a lot of money to put people into building and chiselling, at the moment someone is concerned about ho to get money, meanwhile my competition with a total of 120k on it is going deserted… and you just need few skill points on chisell and bevel to partecipate… :tired_face:


We’re not attempting to do this. You’re free to multi-class and spec your characters as you want.

In the future, you’ll be able to have multiple skill specs per character.


Yup i see @Havok40k did use the correct wording, my ADHD brain just skipped over the details. I can’t say anything about previous augment costs as i joined around 188, but the conduits are like foliage gathering dust and storage space in my base hehe. Still hoping we can compact/ forge them into higher tier items like leaves and portal conduits :wink:


I tend to horde my coin / resources for a number of reasons… but the main one is sustainability… if I’m not making coin… then I don’t want to spend it… and making coin can be tricky at best. Ether you need to set up shop and hope ppl find it and buy something… or find someone’s shop and sell to them. Both methods are riddled with doubt since there is no easy way to see what stuff normally sells for… so the new shop keep doesn’t know if his stuff isn’t selling because it is a bad price. Or if it’s due to no one finding his or her shop. And the potential seller has to explore high and low to find a basket that both requests what they are selling AND has the coin to buy it… I’m not sure which one is worse o.O (at least from a new player stand point)

Another point is that some things you really can’t buy / sell with coin… so there is the fear of selling valuable resources or products for coin… but being unable to buy what they want because it’s too difficult to craft, gather, or simply isn’t for sale for whatever reason =/

I like that there is no auction house… but some sort of aid would be nice for finding shops / items or seeing some sort of list of what stuff sells for on a planet / in a settlement

Though I guess that most of these problems could be non issues as more players join and things become better organized


Actually, i don’t have a problem exploring other planet. I had learned Blinsec lv2 (+5 Blinksec if i recall) but i have since removed it to spend those points elsewhere… Coins are not a problem as i have about 30k total among my two lv 21 character. My question was more hypothetical (at topic creation) regarding the absence of coins and other people portal hub (that would usually mean the game is dead) and also to see if i was missing some knowledge about Portal’ing.

Since then, i’ve “fixed” my “danger” problem from higher tier planet to a near no danger zone. Thus i’m now free to explore Tier 3 whether it’s be on my own coins for the moment as I still need to use Warp travel or by using other people’s Portal Hub for free. :slight_smile:


I feel looked at… o_o


We’ve yet to see the emergence of the travelling merchant or hauler, the player that buys from one shop and sells to another. We will though at release, when there are many many planets. It is very unlikely if there really are 100 planets that each of them will have a standardized market. There will be a general idea but even now the prices fluctuate quite wildly. - This is good for the economy and game, as things move and people can make coin.


I did this when I started and I regret doing it. Below is just my perspective, not sure if other people feel the same.

A lot of games nowadays (ESPECIALLY early access games with new economies) give you a bunch of money starting out, but then have no real way to get more coin later. In such games it is valuable to do as much as you can on your own and only buy things when it’s a more serious problem. People don’t buy things because nobody has money.

In boundless there’s footfall, there’s a BUNCH of feats which get you decent amounts of money for a significant period of time, and there’s lots of people buying materials, so someone can just go out, mine, and sell for a bunch of coin to buy whatever they want. Previously this was only coal, but since the crafting update a couple months ago there is a much large variety of things to collect!

I think it just takes time for people to learn and trust the economy in this game, given that SO MANY other games eff it up really hard. It takes time to learn the value of money.

I wish I had bought shelves instead of making them myself, I wish I had bought iron tools etc.


I don’t see why this is any issue at all. People should be able to do what they want with the money. People in real life horde money due to a huge list of psychology reasons. Who really cares why people do it… they just do.

So instead of trying to control things and stop it, actually take the time to design a true economy where people can sell items and services. Those that want to do it will, those that don’t won’t.

Until we get more people and a better economy system where people can do services and other things to actually have a business we really won’t move things forward.


I have yet to see a game that deals with services well in an economy. Boundless is one of the best economies I’ve encountered so far (only rivaled by Eve and Albion). It would be really great to have decent tools for exchanging services.


Yes! Services are still a grey area and this would be awesome.

When i started out i kept as much coin as possible mainly because i never found a shop buying mats that had coin in baskets… so the fear of no more income was an issue for me.

I settled out of the way with my fiancé so footfall was basically a way to celebrate that someone else had run through our place (sometimes 0c in weeks). As my universe has expanded feelings about money have changed a lot.


Some people just live to make their coin amount go up, that’s their end-game goal: to be the richest!


Can you give some examples of services?


Warp Augments, not to be confused with warp conduits in the past required gold alloy to craft. Gold alloy at that time was obscenely difficult to craft and gold ore was hard to locate on starter worlds- with many forum posts bemoaning how impossible it was to find enough metal to escape the first tier planets. I myself took nearly a month to travel from Berlyn to Nasharil with help from fellow community legends like Nyuudles before we were able to craft our first warp augment. Not only was gold an issue, but also the components needed to make a mixer to turn the gold into alloy. A spark core was needed to make the mixer as well. These warp augments were truly end-game.

After a while of that, gold was made much more common on the starter worlds, which dropped the difficulty of crafting mixers dramatically. Components were still difficult, but once you had a machine shop made you could make augments with relative ease.

Then came the Skill update. Now you required skill points deep into the crafting tree to make the machines to make augments. But people stopped making them all together, as warp conduits could be crafted of cheap basic materials, and all that was needed was a saved location on another world to travel from point to point. The market value of augments was low, but he crafting cost was high- Gold Alloy was still a required component.

It was only with the latest update that augments have truly been inexpensive to craft, and reached their lowest market cost. The direct crafting cost of an augment exceedingly cheap, and the extended cost of all of the machines is made cheaper by the prevalence rarer crafting materials on the starter worlds. Components are plentiful and high-grade metals glitter through the depths of the world. When I say they are the cheapest they’ve ever been, I mean both in crafting requirements, and market value. I am not mincing my words here.