Warp to another world nearly impossible?


Contracts… Builders being able to sell their houses, Hunters offering protection services, etc. Each class should have a way to create their a business. This goes way beyond just a simple “shop stand”.

That is the only way to move us away from generic Footfall traffic which breaks the game and is completely creating a P2W model due to people buying plots to create a simple passive income rate that will always outpace new people and those that are not paying real money for plot prestige footfall income.

As for the tools to do our business: It would be nicer to have a control panel that shows all shop/request stands and income, inventory, etc. You shouldn’t have to run around touching each request basket/shop stand, etc.

In a further development of the model it would be an actual exchange board where people can post their shops or items and we see the pricing, etc. Something that makes a bit more centralized location. Any google search for Eve economy should show plenty of screenshots showing the different type of economy support tools, etc.


@willcrutchley if you see the above screenshot not only does it take a ton of spark but also a ton of power :wink: (unles i am reading xx out of xx wrong) ?


that says 100 spark, no power… unless I’m looking at the wrong screenshot :wink:


I recently started so can speak to my experience:

  • A will to discover the process yourself else you won’t learn (just my learning style I guess)
  • You have no idea what coins are worth or if you’ll need them in future when starting out (tutorial? hard to compensate for I guess with fluctuating prices)
  • A (probably false) assumption that you’re better off trying to buy components to make something to make the thing you want, rather than buying the thing (“teach a person to fish”)


Out of interest, how do you figure this? The few times I’ve decided to wander a lot of shops over a couple of hours to find the expected mean price for an item I’m interested in, I’ve noticed one could probably make some coin buying low and selling high across merchants. The prices are generally aligned but there are outliers, so I just assumed there were indeed people doing that.


@schasm I am sure it is done sporadically but not on mass. I’ve never heard one mention of it on either forum. That and with 100 planets, price differences should be much larger than 12 connected ones. (Relatively, prices should still all drop slowly with more players)


Ah I see, thanks! Interesting.

Yeah I did figure there wasn’t a huge population as yet so probably small scale. Good to know, thank you.


A) By simply doing the objectives and feats you get drenched with more coin then you could possibly spend warping around… Seriously the Objectives and feats are very generous for new players…

B) When the above dries up as in your hitting high 30’s low 40’s and the feats become more rare you should have already aquired 80,000 ish in coin which is ALOT… Thats 8000 warps… If you can warp that many times then perhaps you should start pointing the finger at yourself and your very waistfull play style… If you like to explore then use your legs more!!!

C) If for whatever reason at this high level you still havent discovered the Over abundance of free travel portals and shops begging to buy stuff from you…
This is a big list and those two alone are more then capable of paying most of the playerbase…
without even scratching the surface of the other shops like
Aquatopia Mall
Woodland Mall

There are so many people buying stuff…
Anything you can imagine you got a bunch of Sand thats clogging up your inventory or storage you can sell that for 1 each… clay, wood, leaves, you name it the simpliest things you think are worthless I garuntee there is a shop out there thats buying it…

How else can you earn coin besides selling to shops!

You could Start a shop

How else can you earn coin besides starting your own shop!

You could start a Portal Hub and sell portals AND collect footfall…

How else can you earn coin besides a portal hub,

You could build a big long road on a planet and earn footfall every time some random person crosses it…

The point here is that the 100 Gold cost for a Warp fee is pocket change you make that daily bye simply logging in and getting the activity reward…


There are quite a lot of examples of services that I can come up. All involve some form of minor automation in an in-game mechanism (a contract).

  1. I need to craft say, persisting pies and I have the raw mats but lack the machinery to do. so. I can create a contract, add my mats to it, add coin as a reward, set a collateral amount and set the required result to the pies that I want and add an expiry time. Another player can then accept the contract, put down the collateral, get the mats, craft me my pies and when done get back the reward and collateral. This is different from a request basket in a few important ways: control over quantity, provision of materials and attribution of value to labor.

  2. I need to clear a plot for building. I’ll claim the plot, put out a contract with a description of what needs to be done, add coin as a reward, set an expiry time and list an arbitrator along with an arbitration fee. Somebody else sees my contract - decides that they trust the mediator - who has a good standing in the community - accepts the contract, clears the plot and hits the Complete button on the contract. At this point either me or the arbitrator can close the contract - paying out the reward and arbitration fee.

There are many, many use cases where service contracts would be beneficial to ingame projects. By allowing them to only be done by guild mates and allowing them to grant temporary permissions they are power tools that will create entire in-game new trades like plot clearing, transporters, builders, chiselers, artists, crafters, gatherers, arbitrators, etc.

The closest example of a successful service system I have would be Eve Online’s contract system. However, I think there is a lot more opportunity in Boundless than Eve ever had for service contracts.


your stuck there until you made a living to go back home :grin:
experience this on my first days
and i survived
its a survival game
and it leans hard on teamwork in my opinion
i think coin system is confusing
and must be something later on ingame
so yeah it may need rethinking :smile:

did not read everything these post become books after a while :smile:
also if you use the hubs we made you not using them free
it generates footfall for the hub owners so in a way your paying for the service with your feet lol


I really want player made contracts :slight_smile:


Yes Schasm its not uncommon for people to resell goods…

I spend a good hour or even two, simply checking prices when I see someone who is really under priced like I wont name this shop but I discovered 82 (Forget the specific type name of) Shard, Which is the limiting component for making Diamond Sling bows sell for 200… I quickly bought them all up… Now I have many options here I could take them to shops who’s request basquets are buying for a higher price then that… Many of these exist…

I could sell them straight away at my shop for more or I could use them to mass produce diamond slingbow’s no matter which way I go I will turn a profit… off of that deal because I have taught myself the value of items bye spending much of my time shopping all the shops to learn the values of items…

There are some shops that are just hard to beat in price, and I think as a smaller shop owner you simply have to ignore trying to beat the price of these shops and simply set your own higher price and hope you get a un-educated shopper or a shopper who simply prefers to give you his business because he likes you…

Basically I have decided my business model is to always maintain stock I may not be the cheapest place but I will definitely not be the most expensive place either… I am Happy to be one of the cheapest places IE there will likely be 2-3 places in the world that have a better price on that item and I am fine with that but most places will be more expensive…

So by maintaining a good stock and a reasonably competitive price hopefully people will come to me because there time is more important knowing I likely have it then searching every shop trying to save a few coins…

^^^^ But that’s the beauty of Boundless, best in game economy I have experienced in any MMORPG since Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies… That is saying something… And finally thank god there is no Auction House there is nothing worse then an auction house to ruin an economy of a game… They are the worst form of online economy’s in MMO’s you could ever have there simply Lazy and they do nothing to enhance game play…


yep we have build a factory for this issue but with curent game mecanics unposible to manage

actualy omni you solved the two mayor issue aquatopia has at this moment
im glad someone finally found a good way to explain it i just rant and make no sentences :frowning: lol

this is the main problem that stops people join builds internationally
my number one issue

and keeps buildgroups timezone-bound (steam friending is only curent solution but not a solution)
i want to let people build with completly diferent playtimes on the same terain
and i dont want to fill up my steamfriend list todo so
it should be way easyer to use plots and let use

I need to clear a plot for building. I’ll claim the plot, put out a contract with a description of what needs to be done, add coin as a reward, set an expiry time and list an arbitrator along with an arbitration fee. Somebody else sees my contract - decides that they trust the mediator - who has a good standing in the community - accepts the contract, clears the plot and hits the Complete button on the contract. At this point either me or the arbitrator can close the contract - paying out the reward and arbitration fee.


Its good advice. I compete on some items especially those I buy in for my use but i’ve decided for basic building blocks I intend to be the best stocked. So if someone wants to do a big building project of 30,000 of refined rock, i’ve got it in stock for them and I can certainly do a bulk deal. That said I do compete on the items I have less of like gem blocks and tech etc, I can put my prices all the way to 1c on that as I get everything myself, whereas a reseller is limited by the market (somewhat), however they will also have a much higher turnover than my small shop.


Yeah we need contracts or someway of paying people over timezones like a paybox with their name on or preferably both :D. It’d be VERY cool to craft contracts and have people fill them, then get paid automatically. So I could go gather knowing what I am gathering is filling a contract someone wrote up.


Then why aren’t we focusing on that and removing a legacy “footfall” system that really isn’t needed at all in the long run. Stop developing an old system that isn’t needed. There are plenty of ways to get money in the game and removing footfall solves many other problems we have with people getting an unfair income advantage over others because they have plot bonuses.


I personally love the footfall system and what is this business about an unfair advantage??? Footfall is hardly a huge amount of cash and the difference between the different prestige levels is quite moot…

There is zero reason to due away with it and a ton of reasons to keep it…

And it certainly isn’t some game breaking issue that gives anyone an advantage!


I really like the footfall system too.


i like it too :slight_smile:


Not worth getting into because if you can’t see any issues at even a base level then you don’t get the real problem.

Yup I liked it when it wasn’t turning into a future P2W model. Now instead of offering easy lazy passive income like “footfall” I would much prefer a real economy model. The development time spent there would benefit the game so much more than trying to solve the problems that plot purchasing causes with income.