Warp to another world nearly impossible?


The footfall system rewards pure building players. I like it. I don’t know if it offers diminishing returns but that might be an idea if it doesn’t, especially on release with more people, the busy areas are likely to just get more busy.

I like the idea that if logic blocks are put in for example, a game beacon earns its creator some coin. Like the maze for example we have now.


but in the real economy you have footfall system, it’s called “touristic tax” and in europe some has it (for example Italy), it’s like 2 euros per persons, directly charged by the structure where you’ll sleep as a tourist (hotels, b&b, whatever)

this things of the p2w is just not real, not in a way that can destroy the game, as you may have all the plots you may desire, but you need to work on it… so why whatever you do you get money and if you make a nice building, with high prestige, you shouldn’t get money?

and i ve got soemthing like 600 coins in the last 3 weeks (via footfall system)

and some prefer to have theyr houses far far away in the jungle where nobody will find them… so they get 0 from footfall, just occasionally… it’s just a choice!



lol are you for real…

Even if a person owned an entire planet worth of plots he will get the same amount for his footfall as if he had 200 plots… the same 1 small payout from that person that day… that same person could have just as easily walked thru his 200 plot mall as his 200000 plot mall… the size changes nothing one you reach the max presitge level for max payout thats that you dont get payed out any more… And if you think Gemporium or Therka Market or Portal Seekers hub would get any more revenue from footfall if they owned another 20,000 more plots your mistaken they get there foot fall for the path to and from the service they offer…


…I may or may not have done this a few times… :wink:

It’s just rare that the price difference is enough to warrant bothering with it.

After major patches change item crafting requirements to be far more expensive seems to be the the best time.


I think that’s a valued thing to do. Imagine the universe becomes 10 times larger at 120 planets. Someone linking those buying and selling orders up is doing both of them a service.


This argument falls somewhat flat for me… the reason being, is that I currently have ~800 plots invested in Anoobis (The majority of which is built by me, because I wanted to build a whole town within a similar theme, experiment with build styles and non-square windows etc.)… anyway… that ~800 plot investment garners only marginally more footfall that my measly 2 plots in Therka Market… which was built by a whole multitude of players.

Really, the amount of plots I have in Anoobis doesn’t equate to a great deal of footfall coin either… maybe 4-5k coin on a good week, with the Therka plot pulling in almost the same at about 4-4.5k.

It’s not necessarily the (and I can’t believe I’m going to say this…) size of the plots you have, it’s what you do with them that counts. :man_facepalming:

A player that can build enough of a prestige magnet on that many plots will likely earn the same amount of plots during that time anyway. Without a reason for people to visit those plots though, there isn’t much of any footfall coming in.

Also on another note, I’m a hoarder… I don’t sell many items to other players as I like to keep them for future updates, although I do buy many items… this has resulted in me not having hardly any coins left, so that footfall for me is a good passive income when people visit something I have built - it’s generally the only reward I get for being a builder.


You probably got the number one reason I don’t buy or sell so far. There is no way to know what an average buy or sell price is and what is good or bad. Request baskets you have no idea if it’s a good deal or not and usually seem to have budgets of zero. Shop stands very often have no product and once again you have no idea if it’s a good deal or bad deal. So, I tend to ignore and rarely look.

I don’t want a listing of what different shops have for prices as I do like exploring and wandering. Listing by shop would lower the incentive to explore and increase the profits of a few large shops thus lowering the profits of normal people. In a perfect world what I would like is a planetary resource such as a weekly trade journal listing the average buy and sell prices of at least the key items of each category on that planet. That would tell me fair prices as well as give me an incentive to go explore planets. Plus, you could see like the further you go away from say a diamond resource planet, the more expensive diamonds would be due to travel costs for the gatherer/seller. If you go to the diamond planet though it should be the cheapest as you can always get it free there if you go mine it yourself while there.

A weekly or monthly trade journal works. Some sort of internal database or an external database like BoundlessCrafting.com could have a sister site or section BoundlessTrading.com (by the way… I just looked and this particular .com name doesn’t work as it is for a cute pet supplies business site) or whatever. Anything giving us an idea is better than the way it is now.


No are you for real? Your argument proves the fact if you would get out of your own way. You just gave the example. Please stop trying to prove me wrong and actually think about how it makes sense and see the point. It is blatantly obvious how paying for more plots gives you the advantage.

I cannot say it any more simply than:

The person that has the 1000 plots can have that income in on every planet and in every city. The person that did NOT pay for their plots will have to pick and choose. Hence they are at a disadvantage because they didn’t take real world money and use it to get them an advantage in the game.

The 1000 plot portal owner can have portals everywhere while a non-P2W has to pick what locations to have it on. A 1000 plot shop owner can have shops everywhere while a non-P2W has to pick.

Anyone that doesn’t see this really needs to take a step back and let go of their ego and need to be right. I’m not doing this to be right and win an argument. I’m trying to make people see an obvious flaw that will affect the game because many people coming into it will be bothered by it and give bad reviews and classify it as P2W because it is on the “income” level.


100% love! :heart:


Well I can easily see why it would fall flat for you. One is I am not trying to argue and instead show a valid perspective and viewpoint on how the game looks from the eyes of a person that did not upgrade their account. So as long as people sit from an founder bonus plot or purchase plot perspective they will always miss my points and not understand why the game is not fair.

I guess the easy way to rationalize how your perspective is never going to align is I have to grind out 3 level ALTs to equal your 1 800 plot city. Then I won’t really have any way to even have 2 plots in Therka because I will be out of plots. Meanwhile you can just start up your other account or get a bonus % on the plots you earn and I have to choose where I place things to make any type of income.

The problem was never with the amount a person makes or where the plots where - it was the benefit people get with having the bonus or buying plots over those that do not and that anything deal with plots has a possibility of creating income. So whoever has more plots through a plot purchase or bonus will have the potential for more money. Hence a non equal or fair playing field.

Valid points but they cannot overcome the initial unbalance of the model. Everyone has had valid points but it is the initial unbalance of the model that is the problem. Anyone that wants a fair game would support the model.

Yeah I don’t have much coin either. But if the developers just spent time building an economy builders or creating contracts or all the other things in a true goods/services business model you could generate coin. The footfall is an easy passive answer that isn’t needed. Instead of trying to fix it and all these things they have put in (like touch beacon every 7 days) isn’t solving the real problem and doesn’t really help the game in the long run versus how a true economy would.

I just look at it like what is the best thing for the game - footfall or a true economy.


You don’t need 3 alts just to gain plots. Alts help sure in the beginning, as you can specialize and feats give you plots, but they are not required for plot gain.

At 10 plots per persistent pie, you could strip mine with bombs for decent xp and reasonable coin.
You could run a hunter on a teaching pie for reasonable coin and decent xp.
Line up a whole load of machines pop a teaching pie for your crafter (log him out) and get decent xp when they finish.

That’s how I do it anyway. Caving was okay but doesn’t really match bomb enhanced strip mining (large blast radius bombs give you xp for all the stone) I’d still call hunting meteor spawns more effective if you get a decent run but not by a lot. The crafting route of course has an infinite amount based only on how many machines you have and rock (or raw materials) to put in the refineries/crafting tables.

I now at 300 hours can generate 150k xp while my crafter is offline, but this is only going to keep scaling up and up and up. - That’s offline, sure it takes a time to line it all up however. I can do one level 10 plots a pie on my strip miner and about the same (a bit more) for the hunter on teaching pies. If I could afford to strip mine with teaching pies, well LOL.

What I am saying is. Plots nah. Not an issue. Certainly newbie alts and accounts don’t gain the rate my experienced characters do. I have a hundred free plots sitting on my miner, and this is with me taking plenty of free space for various landmark projects I want to do already. Its having friends and a busy shop or portal network that brings in footfall.

I’ve just put in for an account upgrade, because i like space, but it doesn’t bring me any more money in. The advantage is however I can border off land, which you need to do now to stop your beacons getting split up when they get too close to a settlement. So instead I am using boundary beacons, or will be when I get upgrade to keep the integrity of the main beacon cluster intact.


If you are referring to the bonus footfall from the amount of plots in a Beacon, then this is going to be removed/clamped.


This topic seems off topic now, but so in regards OP…
Solo play

  1. daily bonus(unlimited)

2)feats(limited but I’ve yet to get all feats@ 800hr +)

Group play

1)trade goods and services, although there is not an “official” posting board you can talk to people and see if they need something, completed and come back and do a hand trade.

  1. building ^ same as above. Simple, no official posting board required.

  2. footfall find someone and ask them to run over every beacon in your build. Or make something useful or worthwhile for people to visit often/daily.

  3. shop stands, just like 1 you trade with people except you place it in a block for people to come see( possibility of making footfall :money_mouth_face: kill two birds with one stone)

That’s how you make money in Boundless to warp @MarcNemesis


I agree that part of the replys have been or may seem off-topic but after thinking about posting that myself, i figured that in some way it was related considering they were discussing hwo to gain coins. One of my question was if I was missing some info about Portal Warping vs Basic Warping and wheter or not in the worst case scenario it would be possible to run out of coins. So if one think about it, it wasn’t so farfetch as to discuss how to gain coins :slight_smile:.

We also have to consider that this is an alpha version so straying away from the path a bit or a lot but sticking arround it non the less can sometime be usefull to the Devs (proof being that they integrated the discussion themself.)

Overall though, through the discussion and thanks to some some suggestions here and there, I’ve managed to find a way to travel to other planets on my own and live there for much longer than when I created this topic. So on my part, my problem is fixed (only partially until i get a working Portal but fixed non the less.) Which mean i still spend coins to travel but rather than travel say 5-10 times for something i need, i can survive on Tier 3 planets for days, even weeks without problem now.

So thank you all for the discussion and feel free to continue but on my part, i consider this topic closed and i’ll edit my first post as such.


You’re welcome to your views but none of this response has anything to do with the foundational issue I have brought up. The point I have isn’t being picked up or understood. I’ve explained it more than enough that it is clearly communicated so either people get it or they just won’t. If someone really wants to understand my view they can just reach out in a PM.

I was referring to the bonus plots you get by being a purchasing an Founder package or the bonus you will get when you purchase plots in the new model. I wouldn’t worry about “bonus footfall from the amount of plots in a Beacon” because that will not solve the foundational issue with the design as a holistic link of plots to income.

Yes I really didn’t want the post to go this way. Just wanted to make a comment to Luke about wishing development would focus on contracts over spending time in other areas.