Wayfarer + digital deluxe upgrade 25% + 10% = 35%?


So I have the wayfarer 25% plot bonus. If I were to buy the digital deluxe upgrade would I also get the 10% from that with the wayfarer? So 35% total? Anyone know?


Yes, it stacks.


yes I have a stacked bonus. it stacks.


I hope one day to even be able to buy a deluxe upgrade, sigh…


Wow I didn’t realise we could do this, I’m going to definitely to see about getting the upgrade … does anyone know if it’s possible to buy it for someone as a gift?


You can gift purchases on steam.


Should be able to purchase as a gift via steam and send to the selected person on your steam friend’s list.


But is it retro… I have the Wayfarer…if I buy it now does it give me the 10% back to the July start of the game? If that was confusing then: If I have 800 plots now, will I get 80 plots right away?


Yes. 10char


i would upgrade on the ps4 if it was available, for someone who loves building large projects, plots are my biggest problem atm


It’s in the pipeline afaik


Really? I could have sworn I saw someone that had ps4 and deluxe edition…
Maybe I was mistaken and he wanted DDE on ps4…?


They have both, but not the ability to upgrade to the deluxe like steam users.


Ohhhh that makes sense.
That would be a nice thing to have available for sure