Wayfarer Totems avail to all yet?

Just wondering if these are available (or something similar) to everyone by now? I really like playing with forging these useful little stickies =D


Won’t happen. :pensive:


Hey Crete welcome back.

@Saint-X was just kind enough to come pump out 180 batches of these for me, no charge.

My machines and materials, of course. Several players are happy to help with this.


oh, i for SURE dont expect the actual same thing. That is reserved for special early backers, and they deserve something special.

BUT, i figured we might have at least gotten something with different look (that’s not as cool), but same stats… that isnt too much to ask for at this point =(

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Some of us have offered good money to be able to make them. It isn’t going to happen any time soon. Thankfully there are some backers that will come press the craft button a few times for you free of charge.

wow, that’s great to hear! and good to see ya btw =D, gardens look great

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I’d like to see the full range of totems and fists.


Thanks :grinning:

Gleambow Totems are good, they can also one shot everything apart from seams on lower tier worlds with no forging :+1:


^^^ This^^^that^^^right there^^^^ These are the things yall need to tell me about! i can only watch so many hours of Jiviita before his soothing voice makes me wonder… “what could have been?” =P

I r newB, halp!!!


Yeah they really need to add a version that anyone can craft. It’s kind of game breaking, albeit in a small way.

OK! Gleambow totem! those stats are respectable, i can for SURE work with that damage!

now wuts this all about, Only craftable during “Gleambow Racing” event? did I miss out forever?

March and November I think where the last ones… I am sure they are coming again.

Is there a way to pay money to be able to craft them now? I get that backers deserve a special item but the option to become a backer now would be cool too

Cool, thxsomuch all for the info errbody! and thx @james and @devs.

i figured it would be TOO much to ask for same stats for us plebs, but that is great compromise! =D




Just because I’m really bored and to reiterate the following:

The answer to your question is NO. Gleambow totems are stronger than plain normal totems you can craft from nothing (shocker! :scream:.) Wayfarer’s Totems are better and those are not available to everyone. Plenty of people will make them for you at no charge if you have the mats and a machine set up for them to craft from.

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If you need some gleambow totems let me know. Can toss ya few stacks.

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Won’t happen. Tried asking that before. James said take it to the community and I did and none of the backers wanted us to be able to put money towards that or anything similar


What about the candy totem?

I can understand you, but that is unfair against us, we pay a lot money to get this Item.

@Crete If you need the totems just write me a pm and set up a maschine with the materials and i will make them for you, or just give me the material is fine too.

Just ask if you need, I do this always if people ask for it