WBC - Worldbuilder Competition #2! -Canceled-

#Hey Guys!

###Since you liked the first WBC and some cool Worlds have been created, I decided to do another one! If you want more of them just be part of it and build Worlds! If noone’s practicipating it makes no sense after all. :smile:


If you’re not going to be an part of the Competition please still read the “Rating System” Part!

##this Competition is still going on.

###Winner of the last Competition: WBC #1

Okay, Guys, heres the sencond Competition! ~ Hype!

I will give you an Theme for an World and you will try to make the most awesome World you can do!

For everyone who does not know how the Worldbuilder Works is here the Tutorial by @Squidgy:

(It’s outdated but the Worldbuilder is still mostly the same)

I’ve learned to build Oortulus in 2 Days, it’s not that hard to make something awesome in short time! :wink:

If you want to join, all you have to do, is to comment here that you’re in and make an Thread with your finnished World in Time. Then post the link in here, so that it is easy to find.

I’m also going to take a part in this Competition, but I wont be abel to win it. The Price is coming from me, so that would not make any sense. ^^

##Wanna sponsor an Price? Send me an Private Message. You will still be abel to win. If you do, your price will be given to the second Place.

##We have an dark Theme this time, it’s “Ashlands / Burned World”.

##you have time until Sunday (10.06), every Thread that gets written after Sunday is disqualified. Timezone GMT +1

##Competitors Worlds, rate for them!


None has been submitted yet.

##The Rules:

Well every Competition need rules, right? :wink:

  1. The Worlds have to be finnished until Sunday. (10. Mai)
  2. The World has to cover the Theme, other Worlds are disqualified.
  3. Only Worlds created during the Competition are allowed.
  4. The World needs at least 2 Biomes.

As Competitor you’ll get informed privately if somthing get’s changed.

##Rating System:

The rating System is simple. The World with the most likes, will win! You post your World into the Forum and see how many you’ll get.

You are allowed to tell in your Thread that your World is for this competition. I please everyone who’s not creating an World to help the Competitors by giving likes to the Worlds of who you think made the best.
Sure everyone is allowed to give as many Worlds an like as they want!

Important: The Rating goes until Tuesday eve!
That’ll give People who submitt their work on the last day an chance to Win!


This time we have 7 Games! 3 Games for the first, 2 for the second and 2 for the third Place.

The Pricepool includes: Frozen Synapse: Prime, Contraption Maker, Gun Monkeys and Portal 2 - The Final Hours

Supported by:
@Mittekemuis - Tabletop Simulator and Seven Kingdoms 2 HD
@Thorbjorn42gbf - Papers Please

The first and second Place will be abel to decide wich Games they want.

I hope everything is clear, if you have questions please ask me in the Comment Section and I’ll try to answer.

Thanks to @Nyuudles for the Artwork!


In this competition there is actually stuff i want and my computer is still dead :frowning:

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I’ll try my luck ^^


You can try getting it running till the next Weekend and make the World next weekend ^^

if I had the money to pay for the thermal gell it would still take around 5 days for it to arrive. Sigh

I can contribute tabletop simulator and Seven Kingdoms 2 HD to the prizes


Ah and add papers please to that :slight_smile:


I’m In. :slight_smile: ima build the best world possible


Alrighty incoming bombs are about to drop :slight_smile:

Let’s spread the Information!

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“Notice me!” - This Thread

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I love that you’re doing these! I’m saving up to get the worldbuilder soon, so maybe I’ll b able to join wbc #3!

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That’s nice :smile:I really hope more than 3 People are joining this. because thats too few… and I dont know if there is really the need for all those games being given away for only 3 people. I guess I have to take away some of the games to save them up for next time. Thats not an competition if everyone wins anyway xD

Bump it :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone else want to join? ;D

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3 Days left until the Deadline! Common fellows, work on!

Sorry i couldn’t submit a world in this i did try but i had very little time due to this being my exam period

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I gave up. Thats to difficult for me xD

How have I not seen this? o-o

We should probably extend the deadline…

Because of all the *** that gets posted in this Forum at the moment :smile:

@Thorbjorn42gbf I dunno maybe… Maybe not. I’ll do it for now but if nothing get’s submitted I’ll stop it.