We need fresh blood in the game

Those statistics tell by itself :frowning:

we need more ppl :frowning: game needs some proper advertisement


Yes. More advertising this game havent ever rly got proper marketing.

I’m confused by that owners part saying 20k and 50k.

Fresh blood? Good, I was getting thirsty again.


Between 20 and 50k.

We don’t need advertising. It might drive sales, but will barely have any effect on player numbers long term.
Just wait until the game is more finished, they will upgrade the servers and advertise.


I honestly don’t see how 20k-50k people own this game. If that’s true that’s not good with how little the community is.


It may include free weekend users?

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I mean we had a nice influx of people play on the free weekend but I dunno about thousands. But only the devs would know how many people actually played it and not just “purchased”(downloaded) it on the free weekend.

I wonder if lowering the price will help?

If they lower the price they would make less sales, HOWEVER more people would be likely to buy it and, more importantly, buy gleam club.

I have a few questions, what site is this on?
What does ‘peak concurrent players’ mean?
What does the ‘old user score’ mean?
Sorry, just want to better understand!

Okay I’ve learned what concurrent players means :slight_smile:

1,788 reviews.

I wouldn’t think 20,000 would be unrealistic. I just realised though, I don’t think sales data can be pulled from anywhere, so maybe this site guesses ownership numbers need on other info, which might be skewed due to the huge push here on the forums to drive up the rating.

peak concurrent players means at one time during one day the highest players online.

to be honest i think current price is way too high. in my opinion they should lower it minimum by 30-40% they would still get renevue from GC cause more players would be playing the game they bought. Well cant say for sure though.

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Thanks :slight_smile: i wondered about he ‘concurrent’ bit. With boundless being a single player it gives a true reading if I’m understanding correctly. Where as if it were couch coop the actual figure could be lower?

I really don’t understand why Boundless is so underrated!

I paid £60 for my copy :open_mouth: at least I’ve had my moneys worth!!

Drop the price and bring a new tier of GC that gives you an extra portal fuel allowance… Like it would put a preset amount of shards into all your portals at the start of the month… Or filled a % of them depending how many you have? I don’t know how feasible that would be but they can take my money!!! Lol


I’ve wondered why this game isn’t hugely popular, too.

I don’t know if it would be more popular if kids hadn’t largely abandoned Minecraft for Fortnite?

If you like Minecraft then this game really should be attractive to the same kind of people, but it doesn’t seem to be. Did people fall out of love with the Minecraft ‘genre’ before this officially launched?

I love this game and I wish it would appeal to a wider audience.


I still think 20-25€ is a fairer price than what it is now, and would probably attract more.
However, we don’t know the statistics, so wondering about it wouldn’t help much.

Perhaps an Oort minter that you mint gems in to get a bit of Oort back would help us portal owners out? :grin:

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I was so excited for Fortnite, what it’s turned into is not what I was expecting!! Not for me haha.

And yes! I got banned from my MC group after telling everyone they really should be playing Boundless :rofl:


Lets hope if we get MC players (or any players really) theyre not the loud kids or the trolls :joy:.