We need fresh blood in the game

I’m not sure we’d get kids… The age range of this game seems to be on the older end of the scale due to its complexity.

I think MC have cracked all age ranges by having the general game and obtaining blocks as easy seen as there is no real character progression (apart from saving XP to enchant) it means you can jump in and play the game as simply as you want… You dont need to level to get certain stuff etc.
But then if you’re more advanced you can play with redstone and mechanisms… Opening it up to casual and serious players alike in my opinion.

Plus MC has creative mode. I never used it, seemed pointless without the survival aspect but I know people who only played creative…
Boundless is time consuming (one of the reasons I love it) but I think that could be off-putting for a lot of gamers. Especially those who simply want to build!

Not sure what my point is, I don’t want anything to change in BL but it seems its an acquired taste right now


Also note there’s less than 6k forum users and some of those are bots and or people who haven’t actually purchased the game but are following it. Yet there’s maybe 300 players on a good day.

Never played MC so i wouldnt know buuut thats good to hear.

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Unfortunately with how today’s society is the likelihood for those is higher. I mean some 19yr old is going to jail for getting a guy killed(by the police via swatting) over a cod match.

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I think if they added some endgame combat, and gave combat an upgrade with more weapon types and skills.

Then also added a “redstone” mechanic, I think they could advertise and increase their player base.

Deco items wouldn’t hurt


Huntress blood jam

While I absolutely love this idea I don’t think adding more complex stuff is the answer for getting more players.
More deco as you say would attract the builders and ‘creative mode gamers’ and some more easy to aquire blocks?
That being said I would love them to add something similar to redstone. I mean we already have spark… It could be branched off from that?

Definitely agree with you on combat though, as there are a lot of combat driven players we could be scooping up!

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You can pull sales numbers from steam. And this is the steam sales numbers given. So it does not include PS4. But it might include double counts for players that bought the basic version and upgraded to deluxe.


I’ve wondered about it myself when I’ve seen all the interest I’ve gotten on Twitter from just throwing screenshots and all up. It does seem that people just don’t know what it is, since the first question is usually something like “This looks cool, what is this?” - and I know some of those have gone on to buy and are playing. So I’ve got to think with the right ad push it could be really big, if some screenshot tweets can do that. Timing for that might not be right yet though?

In the meantime, good to do what we can to bring smaller numbers of new folks in. My feeling is - mentioned this in other threads too - best to target it to audiences that might be predisposed to like this sort of game. In my case, hitting the NMS and screenshot/virtual photography folks. I know there are a lot of folks here doing things to promote, particularly our video creators. :slight_smile:

On the subject of NMS, although I know the devs on that team went through rough times, they did benefit from the early hype in that it got a big, core group of people in early - my feeling is, had Boundless had the same exposure, it would be doing at least as well and I think likely better. For all I love NMS, Boundless to me is definitely the better game, by both objective and subjective measures.

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Despite what the article states there were ways to do this up until about two months ago. Steam changed the chart page and the old chart page link actually gave game sales data and some other information. This may have been cleaned up by now.

Edit: Found it. . . a link


edit2: so it looks like they have not removed it entirely.

There was tons of people when we went from EA to release. The servers were so crowded you had trouble getting through portals. Many things have driven people away. Stuff like nerfs to bomb mining and forging. The fact forging is such a PITA. How hard it is to make money in the game cause of how annoying it is to find places to sell stuff. The nerfs to footfall. And other things.


We need more videos like this one! Make our own trailers for the game!


IMO, inhibiting factors are complexity, too little real mmo aspect(there is no instance or anything that requires multiple players to coop), grindiness in general was and still is too high ingame.

MC is attractive because it is open to every player casual and pro alike + there is a crapton of mods, free servers worlds with thousands of players (bukkit servers) and generall openess.

Boundless is the better more modern game and as an old minecrafter I really appreciate the new stuff it brings to the table (will never ever build without chisel again lol), but it still misses a lot of features compared to MC and is not attractive for the casual.

Maybe give it some time to grow properly, if WS invests the time and effort to build up the content and maybe give it more mmo aspect it will thrive in time.

Btw one thing many ppl seem to misunderstand with “active” or “concurrent” players is that there is nowhere stated how many unique players log in in a month. You can have player A B and C on day 1 and Player D E F on day two. Is this now only 3 active players or 6?



Yea and does concurrent players count alts? Cause I know I log in at least 3-4 of those daily.

It is probably taken from your account so even if you log 3 times with different alt, you still count as 1.

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Nice, I’ll share that! :slight_smile:

@majorvex and @georgegroeg also made really cool trailers - reminds me, I need to share georgeroeg’s too, I don’t think I’ve shared that one yet! :smiley: It is pretty hilarious!


Regarding active players, there is also absolutely no data for PS4 player numbers, but I would guess you can probably double any estimated numbers. I can see anyone who is a PS4 player’s PSN ID, and I’d estimate that roughly half of the players I see are PS4.


I think there is more PS4 than PC actually lol


Awesome I’ll share those too!
I’m currently getting myself banned from every minecraft Facebook group I can find posting Boundless ads :rofl: