We should do a new player city/house

Maybe someone could build a place where new players can start like say on a t1 or t2 set up some perms and room so new players that join or newer can start up easier so maybe hey will stay a bit longer if the grind is a bit easier

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I think one of the problems that have come up for this is figuring out the best way to find and recruit new players.


I don’t remember where it was, or if it still exists…but there used to be a house u went to, and it walked you thru the first bunch of tasks to earn xp, while also learning the ropes a little better.

So far as a “handouts” spot, stands with free goods get wiped unfairly, so most of us jist wait for someone to ask for, say, starter tools or hunt gear, and we as the community usually deliver! Always happy to help a greenhorn

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Are you thinking of the Storis II Welcome Center?

Official Opening of the Storis II Welcome Center!

I believe it has new player housing areas, but I think they are mostly unused.

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Wow, that is nice! Have to check it out…but no, this was a more modest build, you walked into a house and there was a hallway. You stopped at the first sign, it told you your first objective to complete, and had stands with the necessary items cheap in case u didn’t have your own. Ended up being several hallways, with maybe 20 or so sets of objectives and stuff :thinking:

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I’m thinking like a thing where new player can friend the owner and get perms to the machines and such maybe have diff sections and some stuff for the easy to do but annoying first objectives and we could have like the dorms for players who want almost no help to the players who want a good bit of help then players who want lots of help

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And we could set up areas for easy to get mats like rock and set up baskets for them so new players have a way of earning easy money

Hmm maybe when I stop being the new player maybe I could do this

Also me with tons of good stuff in the first 150ish days of playing


The difference from that place is it will be like a; cheat code? So they could have a prebuilt place and as they got more established start making them do rent so they have a reason to leave

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Hm @host you got any ideas btw this is the thing I mentioned in the raxia give away thing

Maybe a rent system should be implemented

Yeah like after a month depending on the area you are in so say you are in the massive help area you have a sooner and bigger ent than the almost no help area

People could use also the mailing system for payments, resource shipments, etc.

If you want to do rent/property management manually, you can do it on a sovereign, like the sovereign malls, since you can force-reclaim other people when you own the world.

You will want a strategy for handling each of these issues

  • It is hard to locate new players, since they don’t visit the forums and don’t know about portal networks
  • New players don’t necessarily trust you enough to follow you somewhere to build
  • People may not trust you not to steal their stuff, force-reclaim their builds, etc
  • Some players benefit from being given stuff early, but others will be driven away by it - you will want to make sure you are good at figuring out which type of player each person you recruit is.

Like I said diff areas I don’t have money to do a sov because I’m only 12 and don’t do a allowance and for the most part it will be perms or at least a area to start and live and build so trust isn’t a issue rent can be worked out between people and so on

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