Weekly Dev Update: 2016 July 1st - Character Races, Creature Progression, HUD and more

The lance will be the only meelee weapon afaik

Also @Miige that track is incredible! Good job

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at least for 1.0

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Awesome work!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the updates and the great game you’re putting together!!


What did you mean? I cann’t understand and translate. Please, paraphrase, if you can

They want to add many different decoration blocks(props) that you can use to store things ^^
An amorstand to store armor for example


The Storage system allows us to place different mesh props in the world than can then store items. For example, a table with 4 storage positions on the top surface, or a pedestal with a single storage slot.

(Make sense?)


Thank you!

In chat, it would be nice to have a voice reading, to make the chat experience as realistic as possible. (something like a siri, cortana, home, or alexa for boundless)