Weekly Dev Update: 2016 November 4th - HUD, Creatures and more!

This week we finished testing the following to update the game.

  • New torch VFX.
  • HUD - status text above: players, creatures and machines.
  • New Slingbow models with material progression to match the other equipment.

Unfortunately we created critical bugs in other areas which prevented us from releasing the above. As the update has been delayed, if everything goes smoothly, we will also update the game with the following:

  • Minimize distortion of the hand held item when the FOV is set more than 100.
  • Warp Conduit mesh + VFX
  • Totem Location Polish + VFX
  • Refactored Inventory API including overhauled Smart Stacking

Before the end of the year we are aiming to release the following:

  • More 3rd person animations created and hooked up.
  • Special Starting World (sometimes described as a temple) that will be used for the entry point into the Boundless universe.
  • New creatures and creature variations:
  • Wildstock + variations
  • Spitter + variations
  • Hopper + variations
  • Roadrunner + variations
  • Cuttletrunk + variations
  • The Hunter (a stretch goal!)
  • Full HUD overhaul including:
  • News Flashes
  • Reticule update
  • Polished compass
  • Updated chat display
  • Achievements and tutorial guidance

The HUD has mainly focus on implementing a new font that exposed some issues with the kerning and rendering that are being addressed. The refactoring of the inventory back end is close to being completed and should improve stability long term.

The opening temple scene continues with the scripting of the NPCs and additional editor features, such as copy+paste of areas being added for quicker builds.

The VFX for item actions, such as firing, have new hooks and a work in progress Totem firing has been added. The ribbon code is back in, with trails on projectiles re-added. In the sky you can now see more remote planets as star like points. When joining a world and opening warps to new worlds the fog now rolls out to mask the world being meshed.

In the back end the database work is nearing an end for the base implementation.

This week Rob finalised the font for the game, and worked with Mark to integrate it. He also looked at how we might show skill trees.

Luke worked on a first pass of the skill tree design and balance, and will post something next week to get your thoughts on it. He’s also been improving the starting world.

Ollie supported Luke on the skill tree, and continued digging through the analytics.

This week we’ve supported the torch VFX and slingbow models with material progression for release. We’ve also been working with design on the opening temple scene.

Amanda is concepting the new warp conduit block. Here’s our work in progress:

Production on the creatures is in full flow finalising the game tinting, elemental shader and decal pipeline. Claudio and Jess are modelling the Hopper, Spitter and Cuttletrunk tiers:

Tinted Hopper with standard and elemental armour.

Grumpy Hopper in game.

New sculpt of the Spitter progression level 5.

Animation has added beckoning and directional pointing to our range of emotes.

:thermometer_face: :thermometer: :sweat: :tired_face: :unamused: :thumbsdown:


I like the look of the 1/3/20. The glyph certainly looks more like a spinning warp :slight_smile:

A say what now… Totem firing? Is that to give new players a little bit of a chance other than to just run away when they first face a spitter or other aggressive foe?

This sounds cool! Can’t wait to see them both working in game, especially the fog!

Ooh, a goal just for me :wink:


I would imagine they are referring to the firing of warp ammo to get warp locations on other planets?


Ah yes that would make more sense than what I said haha!

If my understanding of those emojis are correct. Then make sure you get some rest and drink lots of fluids James! ^o^

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the black warp block is so amazing…

Nr. 8 with the leafs look nice, but would like more color :slight_smile: A shining deep red would be nice…

Could you represent that new font for using by players like font or like alphabet picture? I need to have names of the worlds in brand style, please.