More Emote Animations - Gif Collection (warning - large post)

Hiya Everyone!

So here’s a first look at a couple of more emotes that I made this last week that can be used to convey more of your wishes in the game. :smiley:

We plan on integrating them alongside the existing emotes. Later on we may try a more a sophisticated way of selecting them - however for now you just type them in like the rest. When we update this feature - instructions will be in the usual release update.

Right… onto the gifs…

Emotes : Beckon

Emotes : Point Up

Emotes : Point Down

Emotes : Point Left

Emotes : Point Right

Emotes : Point Back

Item and Interactions: Give Item

This one actually isn’t an emote but rather a part of the ‘items and interactions’ animation system still to be implemented.

This animation will be played when you need to ‘give an item’ like a ‘friendship or guild tolken’. These system still need to be put in place and designed…but for now at least we have an animation now ready for that sort of action.

Well that’s it for this week, I hope you will all find them useful and a bit of fun. :smile:


What’s that I see, is it armor? :slight_smile:

The armor remembers me of “the boxtrolls” (Not a Fan). I hope this are only placeholders :wink:

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hahahaha - sorry that’s only my cage guide! :smile:

Yeah, sorry for the confusion, but generally I animate with a rough wearable cage so I can avoid any nasty intersections or over-rotation. It’s never a complete solution, because the wearables don’t exist yet - but if I can avoid unseemly clipping with a basic solution to tailor for the average… then I usually like to prepare for it. :sweat_smile:


good and smart solution :wink:

I like those animations, especially that I will not have to look away from my talking partner to point into a direction. Any clue when those may be ingame?

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Mmmm, I don’t see why the pointing emotes in particular can’t be in game pretty quickly (although I’m not really aware of the details of any release agenda). The ‘give item’ one I know needs more of a system in place, but the rest should be straight forward since the integration system is already in place. Maybe @yota can get that scheduled in as long as it doesn’t upset the ‘apple cart’ of priorities.


The armor is a carboard knights armor