Weekly Dev Update: 2017 April 7th - HUD, Prestige, Prefabs and more!

@james can you tell us when this will be up? I am quite keen to test this out.


And http://meettheipsums.com if you want some other ipsum style generators :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its up :smile_cat:
but there are a few problems

  1. each time you go to sanctuary it resets your skills. i have gone there twice and had to take compass unlock twice.
  2. the following objectives could not be completed Work area, beacon maintenance, light show, location location location, and favorite destination
    that is all for now. It looks awesome but mostly unplayable due to skill reset on log off

Edit: to be clear the compass stays on each time i just have to relearn it with more skill points each time i log in.

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oh god OH GOD

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i recommend not spending your skill points until the skill reset bug is fixed.
Tho someone should confirm this.

GOOD JOB ON THAT!! It’s the most amazing update so far :DDDD

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How did you access that?! Im dying to check it out.

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you access it via the testing version of the game. do you know how to get into it?

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Here it goes.

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Is there a way to reset the testbranch?
It seems i cant make a new beacon.

I got all my tools, weapon and materials left, but my beacon and build is gone (world-reset).

Thanks for this👍

For some reason I did not have a planet to warp to in my region (US West). I was also unable to find a planet on EU Central, and Australia. Only on US East was I able to find a planet to warp to. Not sure if this was intended or not, but I took a screen shot of all four servers at identical spots with debug info in case the devs are interested is seeing it.

@Heureka You should be able to hand craft a camp fire beacon. I had the same issue last night :smile:

@Smooth-Slick it’s intended. As every world is a server, you only really need one (or two) to be able test the in world features. That and the needless additional cost of running 10-11 extra server instances

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Ops, the secret is out :wink:

We are updating the Testing branch later today with various fixes for the official announcement. Until then,… it is not the version you are looking for…:sweat_smile: (Saying this with my hand moving across in front of me)


:open_mouth: … this is not the version we are looking for …


… Move along… move along.


I got the material for campfire, but it say unable to craft.

There is a chance that you may need to upgrade your crafting skills.

  • Push [k] key to disolay the Skills screen.
  • Select [Skills] tab.
  • Under [CORE] you need to unlock the top one, the the left one on the 2nd row and the left one on the 3rd row.

To unlock them, you need to level up by completing objectives.

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Thanks, i will try later today.

… this is not the version I am looking for. … think I will just move along … :dizzy_face: