Welcome to the Wild West!

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So both of my brothers have really gotten into building out their towns with their own style of art: A themed town And one type of town that hasn’t been seen in game since I joined-- was the Wild West Built by “AlfredPennyworth”

Based out of Glitch World we have the Orange District or: the Wild West!

I wanted to share with you all some pictures of his town!
The Entrance of the Western City

Enter the Train

Main Street USA

The Chapel and the storage Wagon


The local Jail

The Sherrif 's Office:

Local Hotel

It’s the Post Office!

It’s the Barber Shop aka. Hospital:

Close up of the Wagon and the starting of the horse stall behind it

The Church front directly infront of it:


reserved for creative plots for new residents


good job making a western themed place. :wink:


Hey I was out there a while ago to collect some wood and ran into you. I will have to swing by once again to take another look!


I think you got the theme right on! Nice job!

Now we just need a grapple into lava duel at sundown.


Nice build set! Love the idea :slight_smile: