Well fed buff


I think currently the way things are it makes for basic cook food useful beyond low levels. I hope whatever thoughts you have don’t make cook stakes less important. I go through TONs off t1 and t2 foods while running around/ building or something different but is so easy to make and my settlement has enough coils that I never leave my town for shopping.


I made a suggestion about this a month ago. Some people didn’t like the idea as they feared double stacking would result in certain combinations being too OP when used with forging tools.


You can stack potions and foods and the results are insane… However well fed is not really OP so that could work.


A max forged, perfectly rolled piece of gear may not even benefit further from being able to quad-stack food buffs. You go from 1-shotting rocks with your hammer to also 1-shotting the sand and gravel too…? Ohh lawdy slow down :rofl:


+1 food buffs not stacking is painful


Yeah that’s a very real concern. What I was suggesting is that they allow us to use 2 food consumables as long as 1 of them is a full food buff consumable like meat broth or meat pie. We can already do something similar with brews. You can take any 2 brews as combination as long as 1 of them is a rage brew.


I +1 this argument and would add the sound logic that eating more food should definitely make you well fed. Bottom line: There needs to be better supplemental foods. Lastly, an energy brew would find its niche amongst warrior class players who decided health regen epic was the better choice. Brews are harder to craft in large enough numbers to be supplemental, and work better preemptively and reactively.

Edit: The recent patch definitely made it easier to stay fed while keeping your desired buff, but I still think this suggestion is more than valid. It’s actually a bad design, because we are forced to continue using super basic foods to supplement our superior foods which makes no sense.


Instead of anti-hunger food being a buff, maybe there could just be food bar that prevents the stamina bar from going down until it depletes… and only certain foods can fill this bar.

But honestly, the recent patch fixes hunger with max energy.