Well fed buff


I have a quality of life suggestion that I’m sure a lot of people will agree with.

Please allow the well fed buff from cooked meals stack or at least not overwrite persisting and shielding pie etc buffs! As it stands, my miner has about 2k energy and I find myself having to stop and eat sooo often and it can get a bit tedious after a while!

I would love to craft or buy some of these amazing high energy foods but sadly I can’t as I will lose the tool durability buff, thus forcing me to only use cooked prime meat. Can you imagine I also had the energy epic? That would just be hell…

I feel like if the well fed buff stacked with other buffs, or at least didnt overwrite any active buffs, would actually give a use for 90% of the foods in the game! Or maybe add a new high energy food that doesn’t give the well fed buff

Man... I just wish we could Forge meat

I massively second this. I find this so frustrating too.



:pig: :pig_nose:


Agreed! I hate how my T1-T3 Foods don’t get bought because they will overwrite pie effects!


that will be true for many other shops.

specifically yours though, they taste funny…


You know there is recovery brews.


which will overwrite your strength brews… :wink:


Pretty sure instant recovery brews wont override your active brew. I know ive been using instant healing brew with active rage and mega fast. Let me make sure hold on.


you have a point there… worth a checking

also, some people use regen bombs on themselves.

also, in EA it used to be that persisting pies also gave the well fed buff (no max energy drain) and people really want that back.
with fast aoe hammers you have to eat something every couple seconds, it gets tiresome real quick.


Itsthe secret sauce you’re tasting :wink:


Yup, im right you can use instant brews without overriding active ones. I guess not many people know this.

Edit: found a problem! The recovery brews arent working in the test servers.


I have some thoughts about how to handle this, no promises yet but just to let you know I will have a look into it!


Oh good, i was just about to put up a support post. Thanks @rossstephens


Good to know a fellow Scots got our back!


I agree. I would like to see Well fed buff stack on top of others for quality of life and to provide a better economy for foods


Pointless if it doesn’t stack.


i wanted to formulate this topic as a bug report instead of a suggestion. This cant be intentional >.<


Yes this is something I’ve been thinking about for some time. We should be able to stack more than 1 food buff at a time as long as 1 of the food buffs is the well fed buff. In the same way we can stack 2 brews as long as Rage is 1 of them.


well at least steak has value in this game


I’ve replaced all of my cooked meat with energy bombs now. Explosions never tasted so good.