What achievements do you want to see in 1.0

I think achievements for visiting lots of worlds would be cool!
Seeing lots of plants and animals would also make great advernture-y achievements.
Also achievements for finding special structures or monuments.
Also some achievements for whatever jokes start up in the game (think portal companion cubes and cake)
Joke achievements are literally the best :stuck_out_tongue: .

  • Awesome!- Discover 5 worlds
  • Absurd!- 10 worlds discovered
  • maybe you should take a break? -15 worlds discovered
  • fight game too stronk- fight enemies of every every type
  • Ol Mc’D -Find all the domestic animals
  • Toort raider -Discover Ruins
  • Don’t break that- Discover a statue
  • Get off my lawn- own a beacon
  • This is my Point now! - Max out a beacon
  • My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard- craft a milkshake
  • Pug life- Find a pug

An Archivement for reaching many other archivements on a maximum level like the titles in GW1, where you had 6 steps (5/10/15/… titles maxed) and finaly became “God among mortals” ;D … Of cause for this achrivement only the final step of a group of archivements counts :wink: … so …

  • True Oortian (5 archivements (-groups) maxed)
  • Oort lover (10 maxed)
  • Lord of the Oort (15 maxed) (parody to "Lord of the Board"m the song of the Guano Apes)
  • Grand Master of All (25 maxed)

… of cause that were all only examples (Guild Wars used quotes from the Movie “Last man standing” :wink: )



Well at least some people got it :slight_smile:

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  • Catch ‘‘x’’ amount of fish
  • Catch ‘‘x’’ amount of rare fish
  • Catch all fish types
  • Catch all rare fish.
  • Mine 2 500 mineral blocks


  • Visited 5/10/25 different worlds


  • Kill a titan while not wearing armor
  • Kill the tier 1/2/3/4… etc… Titan
  • Kill atleast 1 titan on all tier 1/2/3/4… etc Worlds
  • Kill a Daily world Titan
  • Kill a weekly world Titan
  • Kill an Ancient Titan (raid boss-ish)


  • Eat every type of food atleast once
  • Fall to your death 25/50/100 times
  • Die 1/5/25/50/100 times
  • Craft a beacon
  • Walked 1/5/25/50/10 km
  • Jumped 10 000 times
  • Tame a creature
  • Obtain a mount
  • Get 10 000 creature kills
  • Have a rare quality item in every equip slot


  • Kill a titan with atleast 4 other people from your guild
  • Have atleast 1 member with maxed weapon profiency, for every weapon type
  • Have atleast 1 player with maxed crafting profiency, for every crafting type
  • Get over 200 people in your guild
  • Craft a guild beacon
  • Unlock 1/25%/50%/all dyes

will update with more random stuff as i figure it out and will add more categories.


I would like to see some basic achievements you get from just playing. For example,

  1. Builder - placed x number of blocks
  2. Enthusiast - played x hours
  3. Explorer visited all worlds
  4. Socialite - chatted with x npcs
  5. Loore Master - completed all story quests

I would also want to have ,

  • Time played the game with the active charakter.
  • Time played in total with all chars.

Call me show off, but I have the record of about 5k houres of gametime to be beaten with Oort ;D

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Pun Achievements?

  • RepOORT in- Return to your home world / contribute to the wiki
  • RetOORT - Participate in the forums
  • POORTals O.o - Look into another world
  • SnOORT - cocaineeeeeee
  • Ben Is Illuminati- Place a triangular block.

That last one is actually a must. It has to go into the game or I wont play.


“What’s his DKP?”
“IT’S OVER 9000!!!”

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I was just tossing up the feel of cheevos I personally like.

what about something like a randomly generated flower which could be found somewhere on the world which is extremely rare and would give an achievement.


Like if it only spawned once a week?

  • build a build higher than 50 blox
  • build a build higher than 100 blox
  • build a build higher than 150 blox

where does the build start?
which blox belong to the build?


also wouldnt that promote the huge really annoying 1 block towers?


yeah?! what’s so annoying with it

They are generally bad manners, was so earlier atleast, imagine if you are out exploring and you just see a ton of 1 block towers spammed because people were too lazy to just find a way up of a mountain, sometimes they are freaking everywhere.

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They are really really really ugly, and the doom of survival minecraft servers esthetics.

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A agree, but this picture seems relevant anyway.

I plan on building a world that has a biome looking like this :). But probably not so dense more like this

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  • beaten every single monster solo