What achievements do you want to see in 1.0

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What achievements do you want to see in 1.0? Try and keep the current planned feature set in mind. No “Slay 9000 Dragons” suggestions please :wink:

Add your suggestions as bullet points. Examples:

  • Dig every grass block in the game
  • Visit every world in the game
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As it was mentioned before special achievements for being first.

  • First person reaching tier 5 world
  • Part of first titan kill
  • Being first to discover different secrets about the Oort.

Progression achievements are cool too,

  • Reach tier 5 world
  • Kill your first titan
  • Kill 5 titans
  • Discover a secret about the Oort.
  • Obtain a full tier 5 armor
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Also to continue on the other ‘‘i was first’’ topic.

have you considered something like wows feat system? special achievements that you can only get at a specific point of time and if you havent gotten them at that point you would never be able to get it first.

im just not sure about the ‘‘being the first’’ thing, because then it would only be people who played a ton the first week of oort getting out who would get it.

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Well then it would show that they where the people playing a ton the first weak right?

But they could of course be made solely for special events as:

  • Be the first to reach the center of the newly discovered Oort ruin world
  • Be part of the first team to destroy the special Halloween titan

And other things like that?

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if they actually do weekly world it would tie in nicely.

If we assume that there is 1 special core of the world of hidden area with a specific awesome item it would be cool to get the achievement for being the one to find it.

I never saw this game as being so competitive tbh. Achievements are okay if everybody has a shot at them if they work for it not only the ones who happen the have the most time and/or most skill through years of gaming.

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there should be some skill involved in them though, like ‘‘kill a titan without having any armor equipped’’ everybody could train up for it. but its not jsut going to be given to them

What do people think about guild specific achievements?

things like defeating a titan as a team or having every type of crafter in the guild or something like that?


I would love to have stuff like …

  • Eaten every fruit/meat/craftable food/available food in the game
  • Crafted every craftable (standard) weapon/tool/armor/item available in game
  • walked 10/100/1000/10k/100k/1m kilometers
  • hunted every animal in game
  • farmed 100/1000/10k of plant type a/b/c

The last ones are global ones which include all previous archivements


what do you define as standard weapon,tool,armor,item?

i still hope you cant get every crafting style easily :confused:

also i will go down and think up some achievements.

I ment all items which are in the core game and not only for holidays or other special events … would be not nice to have to craft a weapon for the title if the weapon is not available anymore :wink:

Slay 9000 Dragons

Gotta have your basic achievements. Craft your tools and make basic survival weapons (bow and sword).
I’d also recommend harder ones like, forming or joining a group or faction. Make a class of armor. Kill a titan with X number of people. Farm every farm-able item. Craft a pie, assuming this game has pie or I will riot. Pie > cake

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  • Acquirer X player tokens
  • Discover your first Oort temple.

[size=7] The cake is a lie [/size]


To fix the idea of I’m first into something everyone new or old can get a chance at, how about the first player to reach a new world rather than the first player to reach the last tier world, because at least then it’s not just a single person ever getting that achievement. Strange Day.

Fight a Titan naked would be cool for someone ridiculous, empty your inventory before fighting.

Depending on how beacons play out, maybe something to point out that you made something popular that everyone wants to visit. The architect.

Learning your roots, discover all the lore, standard have you been playing as much as we wanted you to.

A mob a minute, make 60 kills in a single hour.


If you do make a fishing system and add rare fish you could get an achievement for catching 1 rare, then 50% of all rare types and then all rare types?

and then other general things like ‘‘fish 10 000 times’’ ‘‘catch 2 000 fish’’ something like that :smile:

that would atleast for me make fishing feel like less of a waste of time, cause even when i dont catch anything i can go ''oh well, i still get progress towards the achievement.

But is a dull grind an achievement? I mean I guess if I cut down 1000 trees in real life that would be something, and of course the nature people would all hate me then. I like to think of things that are more challenging or less likely, rather than things I can do just for repeating an action over and over.

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In ArcheAge that they had some more out-of-the-way achievements that you got from exploring. Like climbing up a specific mountain or going inside a certain house. If anything like those could be implemented I’d be happy! They don’t require too much repetitive work.

Will achievements earn titles in game at all?

I think that would be kinda hard with randomly generated worlds?

Achievements are the carrot on a stick, a way to make people do things they kinda want to avoid doing even though they have.

i will read up on it and explain it in short :slight_smile: