Planning for 2017 - Contribute your ideas!

I’m pretty sure the intention behind this thread is for the devs to get a sense of what we care most about; in case they need to move priorities around. Given that, talking about features on the roadmap seems like fair game. If titans are what you care most about, then it’s probably ok to talk about them as your major feature - unless there is some other major feature (on the roadmap or not) that you care more about.

You probably want to treat it along the lines of: “what major new feature do you want to see that the game currently lacks?”


Yes, I think it’s better to get like 4 Timber out of 1 Wood or at least 2 Timber and same for Stones because it’s stuff we need for almost everything.

Answers put in below.


+1, I’ve been playing this game for a total of 130 hours. 20 hours in the new update and I’ve only found 6 gold ;-;

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1. Not really a broken feature, but would really appreciate remodelling of some ore blocks as coal, medium coal, iron and silver “KINDA” look similar from far, same goes for copper and gold, and I end up missing on ores because I think they are something else.

2. Spawn capacity of fossil ores in my opinion should see an increase, or at least remove the need for fossils from both copper and iron tools.

3. Not copying other people, but farming, breeding, taming and fishing (if possible) is a feature I have been waiting for in a long time.

4. Would love to see the ability to be able to form guilds and see the location icons on the compass above, makes it easier to locate friends and their homes. Maybe adding the ability to warp between beacons as well to aid in travel for people who work together in large projects.


Putting this game on Android for beta and when it comes out the game will be on Android and iOS

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When the game is released on PS4, it should be compatible with the remote play app, which should work on Android and iOS. :slight_smile:

That would be nice. But we had to buy them the old fashioned way like everyone else.

I have and android and it shows this on google play

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AN achievement system would be nice on the game but there is already on steam [very soon]

I meant the PlayStation mobile app that allows you to play PS4 games on your mobile device.

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do you have to use a controller cause I do not have one

It’s an option, but the app overlays the PS4 controller on the screen if you don’t have one connected on other games I’ve tried.

and also since I do not have a ps4 is that required to

To use this app yes.

Going back to James’ original post, this topic is mostly about getting a sense of direction for what we should be working on in 2017 in this format:

Any suggestions or anything beyond that should be posted as a seperate thread. :slight_smile:


more graphics options like
Screen resolution-320 x 200 through 1280 x 800
and others

oh and offline private worlds

voice chat

type chating

Linux combatible


More race options

What do you mean by this?

Chat with other people using the keyboard

Oh what about voice chat

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