What are the server requirements for hosting Oort Online?

What kind of hardware is needed to reliably run a server? What are the official servers currently running on? E.g to run a server for 50 people who are all building at once, you’d need a $XX Linode, etc.

Is the game mainly network bound?



First i think is the Question, can we host our own server ?, than is the Question what is the minimum on RAM and CPU to host a Server.

I don’t think that we will be able to host servers on our own hardware since rented servers will be a (big) part of their business model.
If thats not the case I´ll have to upgrade mi raspberry pi :smile:

im thinking we may be able to host our own but they wont be connected in anyway, although the rented ones will be connected

@Saint_X, @Vastar

The devs have mentioned self-hosted servers, yes:

And as you said, @Kerpie, they will be disconnected :grinning:

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I know this post, but maybe they have changed their minds. ^^

but 1 question is still left ^^

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necessarily i don’t think there is a minimum, for ram atleast it would depend on how many cells are loaded, and how much you specifically require like a minecraft server, a 1GB MC server is recommended for 4 players

But if you are wanting something of the public server level id be looking at 10GB up (recommended) as it is meant to hold many players and load all the entites (monsters, items etc)

the processor im not quite sure of, but this is just a rough guess. so everything here may be wrong

currently to run the game.

Intel Core i5 @ 2Ghz (or equivalent)
Recent, dedicated, DirectX 9 capable video card

so i think for a server it will be higher than this

Well from here on everything is guessing but i think for a server that can handle more than a few friends of yours you will most likely need a cheap xenon core, at least (probably more) 8 GB RAM and and don’t forget about a big hardrive.
If you are just playing with a few friends (2-3) you can probably run it from a normal PC (like i did with Minecraft)

We’ll share details about hosting performance in the future once we think it’s settling down. At the moment the requirements would either be: 1. a guess or 2. misleading (as they will change dramatically during development.)

But I can add that we’re engineering the servers to be lean and extremely efficient. This is the only way we can scale the game cost effectively.