Long term game funding

I’ve thought a lot about this and we’ve also had many requests about private worlds (specifically from families who want to play in a safer and protected MMO environment).

From an older post:

We’re planning to offer 3 levels:

  1. Official Oort Online MMO: These worlds make up the MMO that everyone can play in.
  1. Private Oort Online Worlds: Player created private (and semi private) worlds. We will host these for you and run the vanilla Oort Online game logic. You craft and sculpt the world. You control access. Your world. Your rules.
  1. Independent Servers. Modders and server hosts can deploy their own instances of the Oort servers. You can mod these. Privately host them. (But they will obviously be disconnected from the main MMO.)

The Private Oort Online Worlds will come in 2 flavours:

  1. Worlds complying with the rules of the MMO: This means that the world was created respecting the standard distribution of resources throughout the world. They don’t break the economy of the game. They can be connected by portals to the main MMO. Think of them as a beacon that protects the entire world exclusively for you.

  2. Worlds beyond the rules of the MMO: This means that the world can be anything, allowing mountains made of diamond, and trees made of glass, etc. These worlds would break the economy of the game, and so can’t be connected to the main MMO.

We’ve asked the backers a few questions explicitly trying to understand how they want to play the game, answers include:

So to answer @Tahru’s original question:


[This isn’t final - because we still need to resolve the challenge of supporting both types of private worlds. Doable, just not done yet as we’re focused on the main MMO.]